Ps4 isle of siptah t4 thralls?

Is it true that you can only get t4 thralls from surges on isle of siptah?
I got a t3 fighter from killing the jailer and taking the key. He’s not bad he’s nearly beat a 1 skull grey thing but I had to pull him back but he is only level 5 at the moment.

How do I get a t4.
I need a t4 alchemist to make oil but a surge seems like a thing I’m not ready for but it’s easy to get thralls for the wheel.

So I’m hoping I can get one from towns.

I don’t even know where or how to do these surges.

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Currently I found some named in big camps, a guardian(priest) and a fighter if I remember well. Problem is that named thrall seems not random anymore, if you find one, you find always the same. The easiest way seems the purge or on some leyshrine

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Tier 3 alchemist will produce oil.


I’ve found a few T4’s from calling in the highest level surges at Leyshrines.

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From what I understand you can find some t4s in camps around the map. I read a post that said you can get t4s from cages. First thought yea whatever rng id never on my side. Honestly found a t4 fighter in a cage. Her name was very apt Frigga Falsehope. Super excited when I saw her not so much when I saw she was an exile. Got her from a cage near siphos shipyard.

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I got a t4 archer from a cage.

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Exile clan?

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