Bow maker thrall Siptah

Where can i find a bow maker thrall on isle of spitah , I checked the interactive map and tried there and cant get one to spawn. Thanks

I got one at Southwood but it’s the only time I’ve ever seen it there. I think it’s a rare drip. Also got one from a level 4 surge but don’t remember which zone.

I will check, if you happen to remember what sure, let me know. Thanks again

Your best bet: surges.

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Farming named crafters in Siptah is hard! It all comes down to rng of course, even in surges that @MarcosC said very correct! Right now the “coup de grace” is bugged! It kills even the veteran mini boss humans with one shot, which is really handy. In order to farm 1000??? In half hour to create a sourge you need to place both sigils of gremlins and goblins now, fix an eldarium sickle and head to the fractured citadel! Go from the basement, kill the annoying little dragon and head up the stairs to kill this poisonous boss that gives 3 shining! In 30 min killing two times these bosses and the minions that you’ll find in your way, you will gain more than 1000??? To create a named surge! Ask for south, the darfari female carpenter is totally naked, lol!
If you want to go with camps, the black corsair camps spawn a lot of carpenters, especially the Siphos! May rnGesus be with you!

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We did the same surges and got lots of T4s. Other than Siphos, Baywatch has good T4 spawns.


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