What is the best way/places to get T4 Thralls

As the title states, I’m looking for the best way to get T4 (named) Thralls. Mainly looking for crafting thralls , we just got a T4 blacksmith (Tempersmith) but haven’t been able to find anything else.

P.S. we play on official so no purge settings.

Edit: Exiled Lands

Exiled Lands or Siptah…It’s always nice to give as much info as possible. :wink:


Which map you are playing?
In Exiled Land you could go to sinner’s refuge it will spawn T4 thrall most of the time at the end of the cave.
And there serpermaru, when you walk right to it to see if it is a T4. Warning in some area are those bandit that can’t be knock out, they would attack you on sight and other near by thrall would arggro onto you when hitting them back.

In siptah, the ashen core would nice to get a few thrall and the right side of the island at the bottom of the map is also not bad.
There is leyshine which could be use to summon a T4 surge but there are mini boss mixed in.


Ah my bad, Exiled Lands. Don’t have Siptah yet.

Sorry edited my post because I forgot to list what map. Exiled Lands. We will check out Sinners rise out, we are mainly looking for a T4 armorer.

Best place to get t4 armourer is pagoda of endless lusts in jungle fia spawns there …
On top of being the easiest armourer to obtain, she also has the tempersmith profession which is great as they craft legendary armor repair kits

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