Where do the named armorer with a big chance appear?

Where do the named armorer (T4) with a big chance appear? Help me.

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For Siptah, I have had luck in the Watchtower in J11 and Heretic Haunt in O13. Althought Baywatch Camp and the Nook at the southeastern side of the bottom isle works well also.

for Exiled lands, Temple District in Sepermeru (more thralls on average than any other spot and they don’t instant aggro on you) , Werk shows up @ Mounds of the Dead(most difficult), Sinner’s Refuge (just ease of obtaining), and Fia shows up around patagoda of boundless lust (medium difficulty). I tried to like the Den…I really tried but have never gotten luck there besides T4 dancers and Jeb Sag priests (den is medium difficulty but you have a good chance of getting overwhelmed so slow and steady through there). Volcano thralls are just random opporutnities if you are there anyways. The difficulty level and the heat just doesn’t make it friendly for general Crafter hunting, IMHO.

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I got 4 alchemists, 4 cooks, 4 carpenters and 4 dancers… and 0 aromorers. My base is near the Sinner’s Refuge. And i need Shieldwright T4 Armorer.


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You can use the interactive map to locate most inhabitants of the exiled lands.

However as Erjoh mentioned, looking for FIA in the Pagoda Of Boundless Lusts, is not a bad idea.

Good luck!

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