T4 Alchemist from summoned surges

So… I’m wondering who has gotten a t4 alchemist from a summoned surge, and if you have, what region was it? Checking the possible thrall spawns in the admin panel, there seems to be decent opportunity to get one, but I’m starting to suspect, after having done numerous tries, that maybe some are not spawning? I could be waaaaay off here. But just curious.

Since 2.2, I’m seeing more t4 crafters in the surge, so that’s been nice, but still not seeing a t4 alchemist. I’ve seen quite a few of the others, including numerous blacksmiths and armorers.

For reference, I’ve been doing an alter of the west, as there seems to be at least 2 t4 alchemists from there. I believe the east do as well, but the west seems to have the most possible crafters overall, so I’ve been sticking with that for now.

So what’s your recent experience?


Hi @Biggins. As it would happen I have quite recently constructed a new outpost just west of Muriela’s Hope, so that I can hopefully get an Alchemist Purge myself. I am hoping to snare a named T4 Purge Alchemist so that I can craft the additional alcohol recipes. I have not had one as of yet but I will keep an eye on this thread, and hopefully one of us will have a breakthrough to share soon. :+1:

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He’s asking about surges (i.e. Siptah), not purges.

@Skalla-Hrafn made a little guide about this:


Interesting… sadly that guide is inaccurate. I’ve received blacksmiths and armorers from the west, which is not consistent the guide.


Let me know what you find out. While my post is directed at surges from Siptah, I do like to know about the purges as well!

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It’s all about RNG in my opinion. We started fresh on new server recently, so far did i think 3 North and 1 west summon. From north: 3 blacksmiths (dmg), tanner, 2x alchemist, and from west we got cook and something else. On top of that of course fighters, archers, bearers, dancers, but i dont count these.

Yes. That many from just 4 summons. Im not sure if that’s us being ultra lucky or did they change % after recent 2.2 update.

Thanks for the reply! That’s good to hear. I’ve always believed it’s an RNG issue, but was getting a tad discouraged by the repeats with 0 alchemists. We’ve got a t4 of almost everything but that, and now you’ve got 2 XD, lol.

And your observation about more… yes, since 2.2 they are dropping more t4’s. Which based on a previous patch (the one where they updated wild surges) I think is supposed to be happening, and for some reason wasn’t until 2.2 dropped. Until 2.2, all our surge efforts for a t4 were yielding about 1 t4 crafter per 5 summoned surges, which was ridiculous.

quick update 3 days later - we got armorer, another 2 blacksmiths, 3 smelters, i’m pretty sure by now that the % were raised, probably in 2.2 or 2.2.1

That seems better, and yea, I recall in one of those previous updates they said something to the effect of a 25% chance drop rate on the t4 thralls with a top tier (1000 chaos) surge.

I haven’t done another surge since my original post, but hoping to maybe do a couple this weekend and get that alchy…

Thanks for the info!

before last patch, more probabilty for alchi was west tribe, i got 3 t4 alchi from this kind of surge. with new patch i don’t know if this is still the case.

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Well, that at least gives me hope. I’m almost doing west exclusively right now, so at least I know it’s happening. :crossed_fingers:

Oh cripes thanks CodeMage. Its amazing how misreading a single letter could generate so much confusion and render the whole post moot. Thanks CodeMage. And apologies for the confusion there @Biggins.

Sure I am happy to do so. Although it may take me a while to follow up on the progress, as due to work and family commitments I dont get a lot of play time each week.


just wanted to say this out, got ourself a T4 alchemist from the Jhebbal Sag surge, which in this case, should be the Central Focus Altar that you could be going for. maybe can try for that one?

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Sweet! And congrats! So that confirms I think the multiple regions that have it in their table are spawning them… I’ve just gotten really bad RNG on them :laughing:

Hugo once reply’s along time ago I went 87 hours worth of black galleon in el and I thought it was a bug as plenty of t4 fighters and archers but not any t4 crafters and he said you are just having horrendous luck badly 3 weeks later I got 1 but it’s been a lot better shortly after I got one

Speaking of… I haven’t played in the Exiled Lands for some time, but last I was there, it seemed like no matter how much I farmed Black Galleon, I wouldn’t get t4 crafters. And that’s my go to spot for farming zeal, so yea, any idea if it’s still bad there?

Don’t know to be honest I’m playing lots of other games due to events they have and the such and between work with covid and I work at Walmart time is gone and my energy is gone generally I can beat others at work due to them fatigue out but I’m finally there too or maybe from just hates us that a higher probability :laughing:

you might wanna try out Sinner’s Refuge or the Summoning place instead. Black Galleon sometimes just have bad RNG. I had to farm it for weeks before i saw a Captain Ioushouwa

Yea, Sinners is my go-to when I need t4 crafters on Exiled Lands. I’ve always had good luck there. Plus it’s a great brimstone source to boot. I was mostly commenting on the bad luck of Black Galleon, as I only use that place for farming zeal. In the thousands of zeal I’ve farmed there, I can’t recall a t4 crafter in recent memory, which is hilarious. I remember the good old days before the game launched where Black Galleon was one of the most contested territories specifically for crafters and archpriests… again, last time I was there. I haven’t been there since summer 2020.

I’ve had good success for t4 crafters at hunters rise too. It’s weird, I think they might have spread the chance for a t4 crafter all over.