Tier 4 armorsmith cimmerian/aquiian

Did anybody find tier 4 armorers for aquillian and cimmerian armor???

T4 aquilonian can be done by Hanar of Bossonia found rarely in sepermeru.

The Cimmerian is a mythical armor crafted by the mythical Njoror Battle born alledgedly found in asagarth.
I don’t think he exists in game.
I beleive in Santa Claus more than him.

There’s also a rumor of a named cimmerian armorer here :


There’s definitly a cimmerian armorer (can be level 1 to 3). There’s people out there claiming that they found a named one. But I wouldn’t put too much hope on it.

i am farming for cimmerian named armorer for few days in mounds of dead, but i just found the tier 3 and id was luck, i always find there just tier 1 or 2

i know about those spawns, but have never seen some of them

4 people on our server got Werk.

I got werk. But he doesn’t seem to do anything special.

I can confirm Werk can spawn here and he can craft flawless cimmerian armors on improved armorer’s bench.Spawn rate is very low, I standed here with a 0.1 npc respawn time setting, and I think the rate is around 5% according to the time I spend to see him finaly spawn.

okey, thank you guys, so i just must keep farming him, and what about our Hanar of bossonia, i havent seen any of aquilian armorers there, not even Hanar

She spawns too, I got her twice. Actually she is easier to get because there are 2 armorer spawns next to one another in Sepermeru.

I haven’t been in game lately to farm him,but my first few times farming for the legendary armorer took me like 2 weeks…crazy…but I thought maybe there was a trigger to get them to spawn…like something special.So i knocked out and broke the t3 spawn and right after that the legendary spawned…I’ve done it with a few others and it SEEMS to help.Or it might just be dumb luck.Hope this helps.

Lexior1 can you explain me how, you broke spawn??

Basically I would keep killing the T1s and T2s Til I got a T3 and then I would knock him out and put him on the wheel of pain then go back and continue killing till I got the named.

Cimmerian exists, I know, I have the armourer but it took me 3 days of camping mounds of the dead.

His name is " Werk of the lost tribe "

lol guys, i have been lucky, and got 2 of hanar of bosonia

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