Relic Hunter named armorer thralls spawning inside a building

Game mode: Both
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

The following thralls attached to Flawless Epic sets only have a single spawn point inside Relic Hunter City that seems to be blocked by a building:

  • Hanar of Bossonia: Aquilonian set

  • Arcen Brokenfingers: Shemite set

  • Zoara of the Marshes: Stygian Soldier and Stygian Raider sets

  • Ghamm the worn: Zamorian Thief set

There are also two other named thralls that spawn in this place.

The said building is located between the large building at the center of Southlake and the house with the slightly open door to the south of it. It’s very visible at night because it has a misplaced orange glow coming from inside. The spawns can easily be observed by ghosting into the building.


here, did not find a way to make them go out


I knew it! thank you so much for highlighting!

the thralls should be banned for exploiting by building below the mesh XD

@Spynosaur_Nicole Maybe you should look at this, because I think it’s a critical bug

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Thanks for the ping and bringing it to my attention! I shall take a look at it today and make a bug report if necessary.

Thank you very much for always being so attentive. I have noticed that some things may be overlooked because there are so many publications of people complaining without argument or providing concrete information about what is happening to them.

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@Spynosaur_Nicole this is a very CRITICAL bug, indeed and must be fixed ASAP which is also very EASY to fix.

Because of this bug game seems unfinished and MOST of top armor sets is currently IMPOSSIBLE to make.

Sepermeru is currently a problem, not only for the armorer.

I went back to the city, looking for all the emotes you should be able to found there. Many buildings, decorations pieces, and also the most books are under earth.
You can well see that at some amphore and jars, burried to harlf and more in the sands. While a bit sand may look nice and natural for a such city, it’s a real problem when some stuff is burried by this.
Some books are visible for me in SP, but not on server.

Hope realy the devs will do some rework of Sepermeru.


Yeah, after reading this I deleted the building using admin commands in single player to test it out. That anvil next to them shows up as “unknown object” for some reason and can be disassembled with the radial menu, though it gives nothing when you do. Just a little additional note.

that explains a lot

I wasn’t expecting it fixed with the patch today but I went into single player to check anyways. The building is still there on top of them. I hope this is something that gets fixed for next week’s “Over 500 Changes” patch.

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Where is this location?

Its in the Southlake area, I’ve got some screenshots of it from some different angles.

And after deleting the building with admin mode

It is really hard to delete that awning without hitting something else instead so I gave up. But you get the idea.

I did find out that if you clear the building and you don’t have the admin cloak cheat on, they instantly aggro on you.

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Ok, got it… ty!!
Holy ■■■■, he’s inside the building!
Is it possible to open any door or lure them out with a bow?

I wondered where the ■■■■■ they went! Lol

Nope, the building is a static structure with no interior. Its basically a large decoration placed on top of them.

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I sincerely hope the dev/artist who placed this decorative structure gets a nice weeks vacation w/o pay. I don’t think he/she should be fired for a mistake but maaaaaaan oh man, this has been a HUGE issue for players like me who have done literally everything else in the game (on official) and would like to have reasons to keep playing. This mistake simply shortens the lifespan of the game imo.

That was fixed with the last patches…at least on the official server I play on…

building still there. did they move spawn?