Relic Hunter named armorer thralls spawning inside a building

Yep behind it toward the water.

u got a screen shot? i don’t see anything by original building

It’s not by it. It’s by the building to its SE (towards the gate). A smith and armorer spawn between the lakeside building and the lake, and an armorer and a fighter spawn on the other side of the building (i.e., directly NW of Razma’s house). All of those spawns run the gamut from lvl 1 - 4.

i found an anvil. it has a 3 blacksmith a 1-2 smelter and 1-2 armour. been here 2 days. killed tons of them. its a 15 min respawn, but its always the same ppl.this is closer to temple quarters. i cant find anything by dudes house where ppl say name spawns

The temple quarter anvil also spawns named thralls now (it didn’t before MOAP). I’ve caught several there on official. Look near Razma’s house on the west side (as described above) for more armorers, though.

Spawn timer is the same for all spawns in Sep. If you do a full east-to-west clear, the pack of thralls by the anvil should be back up right about when you come back to it.

got distracted by a named tanner, thanx for the responds. I’ll let u all know how it goes.

If you go through the island/passagway building by that tanner’s spawn, there’s a bridge. If you cross the bridge and immediately turn right, there’s a building with an armorer and a smith standing between it and the lake, and on the other side of that building (by Razma’s house) is the other armorer and a fighter.

if im right then u saying the smith and armorer is between original spawn point but outside closer to lake? cause nothing spawn there. and other is just giving 2 fighters. no armorer. the temple anvil is still just the same 3 smith and 1-2 smelter and armorer

From Ansler’s picture above:

The armorer and smith spawn in the grass on the left side of the pic. The two thralls on the right side are two fighters in this pic since it’s pre-MOAP, but now the one on the left will be an armorer. These can be a variety of races, and any level from 1-4. Notably, I want to say this is the only place in the game you can get Aquillonian armorers.

The temple anvil gang will also be various races from levels 1-4.

I’ve caught multiple named thralls from almost every one of these individual thrall spawns on an official server since MOAP.

ive been at it for days and nothing spawns in that grass and the other 2 are always fighters. temple doesn’t even go to 3 . im on ps4 official pve

…this is the PC bug forum, so I can’t really speak for the state of PS4 servers. You should probably check/report in the PS4 bug forum since it appears this is only affecting some platforms.

Yea sorry I don’t play on ps4 and on pc it’s the same building just on the other side. Sounds like ps4 is a little different. Please post on ps4 forums.good luck!

Yeah, the update that fixed the spawns hasn’t quite made it to PS4 yet. Details here: PS4 patch update

yea. thanx for response. im following the right threads now

It should b same once ps4 gets 500 bug fix