Thrall spawn question and updated building pieces

So I’ve been trying for months to find Zoarsha of the Marshes. Like I have a building near the Relic Hunter City and have hit that place probably 300 times in 6 months, having gotten at least 2 to 10 of the other named crafters but have not see Zoarsha once. I’m on a private server with just myself and a few friends ds so we know that no one else is getting her. I read a post by someone that she spawns inside a building now? I can of course spawn her in as I’m the admin on the private server but we’re doing everything the legit way . I’ve just pretty much given up on her spawning on her own.

Also, does anyone know if there are plans to make the arena style building pieces in the other colors such as the Aquilonian color scheme? I’d like to save my building materials if so.

This is all on Xbox One fyi. Thanks!

I believe she shares a spawn point with some other named armorers and possibly other craftsmen. The Wiki lists 14 possible spawn locations for her, but only one of them is armorer-specific, and the others can spawn various professions, so getting one particular NPC to spawn in one of them is incredibly unlikely. and of course, the one armorer-specific spawn point can still spawn any number of other armorers, named or otherwise.

If you search for Zoarsha you’ll never find her. If you search for Zoara you might find her if your lucky. But since you’re on a private server you can ask its admin to make her pop for you. You’ll still need to knock her out with a truncheon and to bring her to your wheel of pain.

Yeah that’s who I’m looking for. I just havent seen her in several months of farming the relic city. I did find an article that said the problem may be that she’s spawning inside of a house and that’s why you cant find her anymore.

If u can locate the house try to drag her by shooting some poison arrows on her… Thralls undermeshed sometimes aggro on archers…

U sure u tried all locations?

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Thats probability for you. In one playtrough i searched Sepermeru like 30 times until she popped up. The next one i got two in one evening. Right now i have her, she appeared when i ran through the town the second time at level 20. Nice.
Earlier this year i made an experiment and farmed one spot over 200 times in SP (Drifter´s Rest). I got 10 workers and 4 fighters. At one point i had 45 blanks and then 3 in a row: 11 Deidre/ 19 Ternis/ 32 Oisun/ 54 Orqina/ 84 Deidre/ 99 Melicoma/ 103 Ternis/ 134 Deidre/ 145 Oisun/ 191 Orqina/ 192 Bohdan/ 193 Ternis/ 198 Chelkus/ 203 Deidre. lol but no Zavek, whom i needed.

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