Flawless and Exceptional Hyperborean Slaver armor set is NOT in the game

I’ve gone through every single armorer_4_ on a dedicated server and none of them have the recipe.

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The Flawless Aquilonian isn’t either, as far as I can tell.


The Flawless Aquilonian isn’t either, as far as I can tell.

I can tell you for a fact that the Aquillonian flawless and exceptional set is in game.

Hanar of Bossonia (Relic Hunter)

That’s interesting. I’ve checked the spawn where she is supposed to be a few times daily to no avail. Have you actually seen her in game?

there are 6 Relic hunter Armorer spwans that can happen. I don’t know exactly how its coded but I think in every spot that has an armorer spawn it will randomly make them tier 1 2 3 or 4. The tier 4 is the rare named thrall.

I don’t know where she spawns but the Flawless armor is on her.

Draacco is correct, Hanar of Bossonia has the flawless Aquilonian Set, but still missing the Flawless Hyperborean Slaver set and it was there before this last update in PC SP PVP. Unless I am thinking of the EPIC version of the Slaver set?

For all the Relic Hunter armorers, they’re bugged in that some dev placed a building on top of their spawn, see here:

Also Irniz of the Furnace doesn’t lists her flawless zamorian armor recipes when she assigned to an improved armor bench.
She can do a normal flawless on a standard armor bench but don’t show that recipes as flawless epic on the other bench.

It took ages till I could capture her so I’d like to see this bug fixed sooooon.

Where can I find the T4 Trall who can make the flawless hyperborean slaver armor (epic)?

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Grrr Legbiter can make it. He’s a Darfari T4 Armorer. Probably at The Summoning Place but I spawned him with Admin Commands so can’t be sure.

Grr Legbiter is Darfari Exile, so he either spawns at one of the bonefires near the river or nowhere. Eventually he is Purge thrall.

Out of curiosity, was grrr much larger than the other thralls.
I ask because I just helped a clan with a Dafari purge and 5 named thralls turned up. They were all gigantic. Bigger than the biggest character you can create.

Might be a clue as to whether he is purge only or not.

It looks normal when I spawn him on single. Maybe they were all larger so you can see them easily in the purge horde.

You may be right.

Two were crafter’s and two were archers.
I’ll have to check them out when she’s got them broken and on display.