Flawless Hyena Armor

Anybody know what rank 4 armorer you need to make the flawless hyena set? I’ve tried the almighty Google, but haven’t found anything.

I think you need a named armorer from “dogs” clan that can/should spawn over that area. Look for a spot were an armorer spawns (has to be from that clan) and kill him over and over until a named one spawns.
Not worth the time IMO and I dont know if it is working.

Larn is one of them. Only grants exceptional though.

A named thrall making exceptional? thats weird.
Have you tried with Epic Hyena Recipe on the advanced armorers bench? it should allow you to make Flawless Epic Hyena armor.

Yes it is weird. I checked both benches.

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Quoting the wiki:
“This thrall, despite being named, has the train time and material costs of a tier 3 thrall. This is very strange.” Lol

Then the only thrall that will give you the Flawless Hyena in theory is Harkin the Fleecer who spawns only in purges (has to be from the dogs of the Desert).

There isn’t one.

This list is the best I’ve found for determining what they make:

As far as I can tell, the only half decent armorers that have flawless recipes all spawn at the Black Galleon where you can get hyrkanian raider, darfari skin and kambujan shaman, xamorian thief flawless set makers.

Unless someone has contrary information, everthing else either has a broken spawn (Relic Hunters) terrible unique recipes (“Legendary armorer”/Larna Steeltoe at The Den, Fia at the Pagoda) or only spawns in a purge.

They really need to fix these. I’d really love to get a good Sygian named armorer or someone who can do vanir settle set.

And don’t get me started on the missing Derkota thralls.


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