Crafting thralls with wrong/missing recipes

Game mode: [All]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [All]

T4 named crafters all make Flawless versions of their race and faction armor but the Dogs of the Desert’s 2 T4 armorsmiths, Legendary Armorer and Llarn Steeltoe, both cannot make Flawless Hyena Fur Armor, the specialty of the faction.

Legendary Armorer cannot make ‘any’ Hyena Fur Armor while Llarn Steeltoe can only make the Exceptional versions as if he’s a T3 armorer (the other basic T3 Dogs of the Desert armorers also make Exceptional Hyena Fur Armor) when he or both of them should have the Flawless recipes like the other factions T4s.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Get Llarn Steeltoe or Legendary Armorer.
  2. Put in either armor or advanced armor stations.
  3. See they can’t craft any (Legendary Armorer), or only exceptional (Llarn Steeltoe) version of the faction armor.
  4. Cry because Hyena armor is awesome but currently there exists no way to make the Flawless version.
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This is a problem on PS4 too…was so disapointed I couldnt craft flawless Hyena.

Apparently it’ll be fixed in next patch :slight_smile: