Adressing some issues with Flawless Armors

As far as I know there is no Armorer who is able to Craft Flawless Zingarian Armor.

As far as I know there isn´t even a Zingarian Named Armorer in the game files which is a shame since Light Armor with a Vitality Bonus would be really nice.
This is one of the few sets which is not obtainable in it´s flawless version which makes it essentially useless.
Once you are on it make all the Vanir-Sets obtainable aswell, they are really important too, just make sure to make those Thralls NOT Purge-Spawn only, after over 600 hours in this game I am still waiting for the first purge to happen. And even if they would happen, IMO every Flawless Armor should be obtainable without them.

Also, as far as I know noone has found out how to Craft the Flawless Reptilian Armor, rumours say Siesse Blacktounge is able to Craft it, but then again, noone knows where she spawns (probably in the Volcano) or if she spawns at all.

Another thing I wanted to mention is the way Named Armorer Spawns are distributed, I don´t like how in many cases several Named Armorers share the same Spawnpoint (e.g. Black galleon with 5 or 6 Armorers who share the same (2) Spot(s) or in Sepermaru where 6 Armorers (atleast) share 3 spots, or even much worse the Spawns where multiple Armorers share their spawns with literally hundreds of different Thralls from several different specializations like at the “Northern Sandswept Ruins” spawn.) Those Spawns are extremely based on RNG and therefore there is a lot of frustration involved, there is no challenge in getting those Armorers,it is a pure waiting game while hopeing for your luck, no fun involved -> bad game mechanic.

Flawless DLC Armor: I do not like that EVERY Named armorer is able to Craft those, firstly, it is slightly PaytoWin if you get all those Armor Bonus options by essentially simply buying the DLCs, and secondly it is really annoying to have all those DLC Sets shown every time you put your Thrall in the Thrallslot to craft a specific Armor, I only bought one DLC and even with one it is already really annoying. Instead, have a dedicaded Armorer for every DLC, the aquilonian DLC-armor for example could be crafted by the Armorer who can craft the Non-DLC aquilonian Armor (if I rmember correctly that´s Hanar of Bossonia), for Khitan you could add an Armorer in some random BlackHand-Camp in the jungle. If you want to, you can even make those spawns static if you want to avoid crybabies crying about Flawless DLC-Armor beeing to hard to obtain^^

Lastly, fix the Flawless Hyena Armor, for some reason it has the same survival Bonus as the Exceptional Set. (No one uses it anyways but please be consistent with the +9 bonus for the Flawless Sets.)

I now wrote about a lot more issues than I intended to, thanks for making it this far, I hope those changes/fixes will be noted down, if anyone wants to adress more flaws (I am sure there are more) feel free to comment them aswell :slight_smile:

I hope those changes will be noted down and (at least most of them) implenented/adressed, have a nice day and work hard Funcom, there is a lot of work left to do at this game.


Have you seen ANY named armorers? My server has not seen one - all players - since the May 8th bomb dropped. We are learning to get along with exceptional armor being the best in the game, until you get silent legion.

We have accepted that named armorers are a thing of the past.

Yes, they do still exist, you need to be patient though,Galleon has become a pain, I would suggest hitting Sepermeru, there are two spots in front of Razmas house and one spot northeast close to an entry next to the water by a blacksmith and a smeter, or you try your luck at the Pagode to get Fia, she has a pretty high chance to spawn at the fire to the right, or at the fire to the far left, at this one spawn all kinds of Thralls though , so your best chances for Fia are to the right :slight_smile:

Bnaru Heavyhands constantly spawns in Fleshtearer Falls on my server.

But all he does is the Flawless Dafari and that’s not and endgame armor anyway.

I agree about the dlc armors.
While I’m glad I can make the epic flawless Khitan an aquillonian, I was abit disappointed in the lack of challenge to find someone to do it.
The lack of Khitan NPCs on the whole is a bit disappointing.
Also would be nice if we could make a flawless version of the royal armor from early access.
Surely one of the sepermeru spawns could make this as their specialty given most have no specialty.

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