T4 Thrall Spawn Chance Far Too Low Following July 7th Patch



Can’t even get t3s to spawn reliably. Its not fun to kill the same thralls 5000 times. I have over 1000 hours played on this game now. I’m not just talking out my ■■■ here.


it takes for me about 4 to 6 hours to farm a t4… so it is not like you will be killing it 5000 times…

again, you can raid them too. make secret stashes as well, and be prepared to raird and be raided.



Your missing the point i think. Not gonna try and change your mind/ Have fun farming 6 hours to maybe get one to spawn. I’m done thrall farming I’d rather build and raid. Once my base gets cracked and I lose my thralls I’ll probably be done with the game personally. I don\t have 6 hours at a time to have a chance for a specific thrall to spawn. Nor is that fun to do.


then raid, thats another way to get thralls!



Spoken like a person who has gotten all the T4 thralls before the patch.

I wonder how many of these clowns would be singing a different tune if Funcom would have reverted all existing T4 thralls to T3 and made everyone recapture their T4 thralls. The whining on the boards would be immense then.


no in fact i dont have all the thralls…!

but you have to agree Some people just want instant reward, get bored fast (Because they did and got everything the game has to offer in a week.)then leave.



On my server we have had someone camping relic hunters for a specific t4. It has been over 24 hours now with no luck. And I mean an actual 24 in-game hours.

I don’t mind the rarity, I have a lot of free time, but for the players who only get a couple of hours in a week to play, this change that happened is punishing them for having real life responsibility’s. It would not be so bad if multiple t4’s had the recipe, but the recipe is tied to this one specific thrall. That is not good.


Biggest issue is there’s no server setting to increase or decrease named spawn rate. It’s fine to change things but let private servers decide on their own.


I did 100 rounds, counted them, on the mound and got 2 times the tanner guy but no one else. Cleared everything out, waited, redone and so on. I am going to do another 100 rounds and hopefully get the armorer.


I’ve spent a few rounds camping some named Armorers. Its all RNG. Sometimes they’re up when I go to their location. Sometimes I have to kill the placeholder once or twice. Sometimes I have to kill the placeholder 10-20 times.

But what you have to do is go to the location and see if its the named you want or a Placeholder. If its the PH kill them and set a timer. On a 1x spawn server the respawn will be about 14 minutes. Wait that time and see if they are up. If not, kill again and repeat.

If you all have ever played Everquest and camped a named for loot, you’ll know that this is very much similar. Though a 14 minute respawn is alot quicker then you’ll be used to.

In either case, patience is needed. You’re looking at a 14 minute to 2-3 hour endeavor depending on RNG.

On the otherhand, you can purchase the gear these named make from other players on your server. The scarcity of the named lend well to an economy of Flawless goods.


I camped The Black Gallon for way longer per “camping round” (almost daily) and farmed it quite often outside of them since the Hotfix.
The results:
1 T4 Blacksmith, maybe 2 Smelters, 1 Carpenter, 1 Archer and 2 Cooks. Hardly any T3 Thralls.
Braggi the Bold (T4 Fighter) was rather common though.
RNG can bite one in the ■■■■, but that’s a bit more than bad luck.


I completely agree that the T4 spawns are way too low. I’ve been spending all weekend farming a spawn that I know can be T4, literally logging in and out every 15 minutes, and I have yet to see it spawn.

What I think would be ideal is to introduce a system where we can level up lower ranked thralls, which would allow for a different style of play. Sometimes you get lucky and find a T4 thrall in the game, but worst case scenario you can grab a T1, T2, or T3, and level it up by crafting/combat to T4, at which point it becomes just as good as the current T4 thralls are now.


There’s rare and then there’s whatever this is. In my tests, it’s not a matter of ‘two or three hours’; it’s potentially 24 hours non-stop killing of placeholders on a private server (with the respawn set to .1) and not seeing a single T4 spawn. IMO, T4’s should be uncommon, not 1 in 1000.


I’ve been camping Njoror Battleborn for the last 7 days, 9 hours a day, at 14 minute intervals without success.

This can’t be intended.


You need to adhere to the concept of respecting the player’s time.

Waiting hours/days (or a month in my case) for a T4 spawn doesn’t make the game any more difficult, challenging, or fun. It just adds tedium. The game is wasting your time.


All of this might be dealt with if a possibility to level up thralls was implemented. (In any way.)


Apprenticeship of the thrall at a master craftsmen in Shepermuru for either a week, or 500 gold coins.


you are playing the wrong type of game, if you are looking for instant gratification , maybe you should do first person shooters or strategy games.

there is GRIND in survival and MMOs.

again, game can be completed with t2 and t3 without any issues. T4 must be kept rare.


Ditto. I’ve seen at least one of every other named thrall that’s supposed to be up there, even the dancer. I’m starting to think that spawnpoint is bugged.

Figures it would be the most in-demand one, too; the only source of +25 cold resist armor.


The thing abouts “grinds” is on some level you have an influence on how long it will take to achieve a goal. Having a somewhat predictable time to completion has a profound influence on keeping people motivated.

“Thralling” is pure RNG. You have absolutely no means of knowing when or influencing how long it will take for a thrall to spawn for you outside of just sitting there and waiting. The odds of spawning are so absurdly low that it’s going to discourage people from even trying.

In a very old MMO I used to play, (instances didn’t exist) Raid bosses had a guaranteed 24-72 hour respawn time. However, they also had a random chance to respawn at anytime within this window. This encouraged players to keep an eye on the spawn point but it didn’t make anyone feel like they needed to spend all day waiting for it, either.

TL;DR T4’s should have a fixed respawn time rather than RNG if no other solution to this problem can be implemented.