Spawn rates on Named THRALLS is Abysmal

I have been camping the pirate ship for 3 days on Public server 1877, the spawn refresh is every 16 minutes, and in close to 75 spawns, there has not been one named ,
There has been one named entertainer and one named fighter
From what I understand previously, there was a bug where that was spawning continuous named Thralls , so I guess the FUNCOM patch solution was to overcompensate, and make no named thralls spawns, why am I having such a problem playing a game that should be enjoyable?


I’ve been trying to farm a Nordheimer Priest III aka Ymir archpriest for a week now, all the information I can find say’s they spawn at “New Asagarth” and “The Wardtowers” but Funcom nerfed there spawn rates to 1.5% so in 1 hour of farming you have a 6% chance to see one.

I’m probably at about 14 hours invested into farming a Priest and still nothing. :tired_face:
14 hours should give me an 84% probability of having found one.

But I don’t just camp at one spawn site I travel back and forth between the two, so shouldn’t that double my chances?

I’m beginning to think they’re not spawning at all,

I’d really like to hear from any PS4 players that have found a Nordheimer Priest III since the last patch.

t4s should be kept hard to get,

then maybe people will start looking for t3 and t2s.

it simply makes no sense for a player to have wiithin a week dozens of tralls.

The current spawn rate is too low, as in 1% or sub 1%.

Within a week you can hit 60 in a leisurely way, so why should you not be hunting thralls from 30-60 and on?

Makes no sense not to be getting a lot of thralls and a portion of those should be named.

Mei the blade has totally disappeared on our server and relic city is in a sad state. Sepermu/Relic City used to be the place to go to farm thralls to setup a base.

I would agree with this. IF FunCom would have reverted all existing T4 thralls to T3 and made everyone recapture T4s.

On a pvp server, people who have these already have a massive advantage (mainly due to the t4 armor thrall).

I busted my ■■■ going into Black Galleon for hours everyday to get a bunch of T4 thralls (Still don’t have em all mind you), then the patch came and it was free buffet for everyone. It was pretty insulting for anyone who spend a lot of time researching and camping the ideal spots for specific named thralls. Since everyone was doing it, I also grabbed some named I could never get to spawn or one in particular lost him 3 times due to silly bugs.

Yesterday I tried Sepermu. Made a small house outside with the second wheel of pain and brought a T3 taskmaster to ease the process. After a couple of runs I managed to get some named and it wasn’t quick. So I understand, having the spawn rate abysmally slow is bad, but I also don’t want it to be like 50% chance to spawn either.

They should be hard to get, but once the bench they are being placed at is guaranteed to not evaporate magically.

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