Rebalance named crafting thralls spawn rate at the galleon

i know that players have been complaining about the low spawn rate of named thralls at the black galleon.

Now, funcom has totally changed this rate from about 10% to what i’d say 80% if not more.
My report/suggestion might be wrong since i only made a single run on the pirate ship since last patch, BUT,
i have been farming this place like crazy in the past and have never found THAT many named thralls in 1 RUN.

So just for curiosity i went there to found:

all of these supposed to be rare spawns and All found in 1 go (only the armorers didn’t spawn as named but the whole pirate ship was named crowded). Maybe i was incredibly damm lucky but i really doubt it and think funcom didn’t bother finding a right balanced and appropriate spawn rate for crafting named thralls there.

What’s the point of having named unique thralls in the game if you find them all in 3 runs ???!!!
It is just killing the slaves hunting mechanic imo.

So funcom might want to reconsider these spawn rates if they want to keep this mechanic rewarding and working. But again maybe i was just THAT lucky with this run and maybe most of the players are OK with these 80% spawn rates for named thralls…

IMO they may also adjust spawn points.
Right now Pirate Ship area provide spawn points for named thralls of almost EVERY type (not to mention archpriest spawn point). The only one that is not there is named alchemist, nothing game changing since right now the only thing you get from him is dye recipe.
Having them all neatly grouped up in very small area, which is fully cleared anytime a player goes there, tremendously increases chance to get at least ONE named thrall, this kinda devaluates the T4 thrall idea.

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I think that maybe they tried to increase the spawn of the Carpenter, since most of the time I have been there over the last month or so, I have only ever seen 1 level 3, and that wasnt until after the last big update (not the current one) pervious to that I only ever seen level 1 or level 2

i agree 100% the availability of all crafting professions as T4 thralls at the pirateship makes it THE spot to go from the start of your playthrough, which can make things repetitive if you want to create a new character and is not fair since that place is too easy to farm compared to other ones which are more difficult and def not as rewarding as the ship.
5 named armorers there and 2 different spawn points…well, that only makes the other spots less intersting.
Moreover it has been the only one spot to grab t4 carpenters for about 1 year if not more.
But finally, they have implemented the named ones at the mount of the deads, so “let the hunt begin” !!!

in my opinion every faction should have a profession as speciality, meaning you may find different type of named thralls for only 1 proffesion per faction.
This would make exploration and map presence much more rewarding than finding pretty much everything you need for crafting thralls at the ship (except 1 named alchemist and some specific named armorers).
You may still be able to find all other proffessions as t3 though and of course named fighters and named archers in both gender in each faction should be available too.
For example named fighters are missing in set city as well as in the den. I wished they were there too.

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I mean you can get a named carpenter at the den, buccaneer bay, and the pleasure palace of derketo and have been able to for quite a while.

Ah yes true, since the official realease with the swamp…i heard from other players that sigyn and rayne can spawn there too.
But about the den i’d be curious to know about it…

I have found 1 named carpenter in the whole time playing.
This morning I did 4 runs to the galleon and got 4 carps. Not to mention 2 tanners 2 smelters 2 task masters and 3 blacksmiths.

I’m all for increasing the spawn of carpenters but this is ridiculous.

Not to forget that after the first run all NPC refused to attack.

The ship was farmed so much by the server the dancer just stopped spawning altogether.

Curiously there was no named armorer or archer like there can be occasionally.
So they haven’t broken them all.

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Shendelzare, Ogrus Iron-eater and Irniz of the Furnance have spawned for me several times since the patch.
I have yet to see Joka Ironfist and Jehungir Horseshoe though and Horseshoe is the reason I’m farming the ship right now, since he’s the only left from there who hasn’t spawned for me yet since I started playing…

I have found 2 or 3 of each of those prior to this patch which probably is reasonable .
Although I’ve never seen Joka.

Joka was the last one i found too, but in the end i have 4 clones of him and he is kinda useless to me so i can give you 1 or 2 of mine :D.
Personnally, only iriz matters for the zammorian, ogrus for the dafari and shendelzare for her nice looki.
But i’m sure you’ll find him…just don’t give up, especially if this new INSANE spawn rate which is kinda cheesy imo includes named armorers too. (which i am assuming since they are crafting thralls as well)