The Black Galleon named thralls

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Ok, so, since the named thrall downpour was fixed, I’ve done around 30+ full clears of The Black Galleon (including the north dock).

In that time, i’ve taken 15 named fighters (5 each of Cruaidh, Braggi and Ioshuwa), and killed probably twice as many of each (more of Ioshuwa, considering he spawns every other time it seems) and even had more than 4 Braggi’s up at once by not avoiding them for a couple of runs.

In that time I’ve have only seen 4 other named thralls. A smelter (Fingal), a blacksmith (Arvad), an archer (Konchaka), and a bearer (forget their name).

So, while this is ostensibly better than every named coming every, or every other, round it is still a bit off.
(I don’t think this is just that there is more chance for fighters because of the number of possible spawns, considering just how many there were vs others).

Ideally, bump up the spawn rate of crafters some - not like it was, but at least so that they actually do spawn - and tone down the spawn for Braggi and Cruaidh a bit.

On a side note, T3 thralls were also very few and far between, maybe 5 or 6 T3 crafters in all those runs…
Seems like the black hand needs some new HR.

Edit: don’t forget, of those 4 non-fighter named thralls, only 3 were crafters, and I was killing the additional spawns on the north dock, which increases the chances, since the crafters can spawn there now too, so there should realistically have been more than just 3.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Kill everything at The Black Galleon except for Braggi’s and Cruaidh’s.
  2. Repeat several times.
  3. Count how many Braggi’s and Cruaidh’s are up at once.
  4. Have a competition with friends to see who can get more.
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I have camped The Black Gallon for quite some hours since the patch and have been there outside of the camping quite often.
I haven’t seen a single T3 or T4 Armorer since the hotfix.
I think I saw 1 T4 Blacksmith, maybe 2 Smelters, 1 Carpenter, 1 Archer and 2 Cooks since the hotfix.
Braggi was definitely the one who spawned the most and almost on a regular basis (I think the people on the server I’m on are already tired of me announcing him when he’s alive). Though that’s not couting Ioshuwa.

But even T3 Thralls are quite rare.

The only reason I’m still farming The Black Gallon is because I haven’t gotten Jehungir Horseshoe yet in ~18 days of farming the ship multiple times per day and a lot of camping.

But even not counting him, the spawnrates are really low.
I agree that they shouldn’t be upped to the ones they were before, but at least up them a little bit (and look at the spawnrate for Horseshoe on the official server #1026 please).

Have you considered maybe they just moved the t4 armorer to the swangle? I didnt find armorer t4 on black galeon too.

I found a t4 armor on ship. But I did farm nonstop for 6 hours and my friend farmed 5 hours Pryor to that. So all together we were on the ship 11 hours before a t4 appear.

I haven’t seen a t4 crafter on the ship since the hotfix.
I have found 3 different armorer’s in different locations at sepermeru though.

I don’t bother employing fighters any more as I have way to many. Every time I go to the mounds of the dead, dalinsia snow something is there… 4 of her at once… 2 side by side.