What happened to the black galleon since the last patches?

I have been farming intensively on the black galleon for the last 3 weeks, especially looking for Jehungir Horseshoe.

I spent many hours there, but I have not seen a t4 crafter in the whole time. The maximum was t3.
T4 fighters like Braggi, Conchaca etc appear in every round, but no t4 blacksmith, smelter, cook or anything like that.

I’m a patient person, but after 3 weeks, with a few hours of farm time a day, there should finally be a T4 Crafter.
That the Rare are clear, but that nothing at all seems that slowly seems to be a bug.
I play on a private PvE-C server. Other players who settle on the ship report exactly the same experiences I have made.
So what’s wrong?
The search for Jehungir Horseshoe is almost impossible.

And finally, forgive me the mistakes, English is not my mother tongue, but I hope you understand the problem.


Are there any mods installed on your server? Sometimes those cause conflicts with thrall spawning.

No Mods or other Stuff

Was the same in my case… And its RNG, but there is something very strange with BG…

But yeah, the total LACK of ANY T4 is what is a surprise…
As I still miss 2 armorers, I clear BG EVERYDAY at least 2 times and this week, there was NO T4 (besides the fighters sometimes)

“My journey” started When was the last time you saw a T4 armorer? at 27 September. With several times a day clearing it until Oct 3rd the FIRST T4 finally spawned…

PS.: It looks like at some point it wasnt so bad. But thats > 6 months ago… And most people who get their thralls, was from that time.
PPS.: I always take a run in Sepermeru (grabing some Khari steel) and usually there is at least 1 T4 standing in the city. Which I dont bother taking home anymore, as I have all besides 1 armorer from there.

The spawn rate was lowered on the BG a while ago but if you go to the black hand camps around the surrounding area (not the ones next to the BG) you have much better chance of getting T4 thralls that’s how I’ve been farming them

I clean the ship and the surrounding areas several times a day, even for hours. Even there is no T4 Crafter.

To reduce the spawn rate well and well, but to find absolutely no T4 crafter over a period of 3 weeks, that’s weird.
It is also strange that in each run only the t4 fighters are to be found.
I think Funcom was pretty screwed up.

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