Black Galleon Named Thralls

So I’ve been farming the Black Galleon for about a week so far, and haven’t seen any named Thralls. The week prior, when I first started, I got Maev the Magnificent (Blacksmith) after a few hours of clearing, and then Valenso Da Reyn (Tanner) the following day after a few more hours. For about a week now, thought, the only named that have been spawning are the Fighters. Anyone else having any luck, or am I just having really back luck.

I have been getting a few named here and there out of the Den, named Priest of Jhebbal Sag and a named Dancer, but no crafters yet.

Needing a couple of the Armors and another Blacksmith badly…

Easiest is to just go about this search query if you’d like to know the Black Galleon spawns:

There’s also Armorer and Blacksmith pages on the Official Wiki :wink:

And of course you’re able to find all the Thralls here too!

I wouldn’t be able to recommend anything - if you have any suggestions/feedback for the wiki let me know.

(Btw who’s the named Jhebbal Sag priest, if I may ask?)

I’ll check the name when I get home. I found in The Den, next to the camp fire where dancers normally spawns. One of the dancer spawn points seems to have been replaced with a Priest of Jhebbal Sag of various tiers. I was farming the area and he spawned as a Named with (Priest) under his name plate…

As for the Armorers, I’ve researched most of the information for find their spawn locations and what each one’s special recipes are. I guess my question was mainly, has anyone see their spawn rates go down, or could there be an issue with them spawning… because I haven’t been able to get one to spawn in a week. Or am I just running through a dry spell…

Anyway, thanks for the response and I will try and respond later today with the name of the that Thrall.

Koros the Feral - Named Priest Thrall that I got at the dancer bonfire at The Den

Black galleon has now the worst named NPCS spawning rate amonst all big camps. It used to be THE ONE Camp several months ago, but now it has become either a NO GO or a very very very long grind.
But named NPCS do still spawn there, you’ll probably find 1 out of 12 runs or sthing around that (aside from fighters of course who do spawn more frequently as you well pointed out)

Good luck !

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I would suggest sepermeru, 3 armorer spawns and 2 blacksmith spawns with pretty good chances each and a very chill environment.
Sadly you are a few days to late to get secas which was a 100% blacksmith in the volcano

Thanks… good info.

Yeah I have started making runs through Sepermeru and then a couple of passes through The Den. I was trying to get Shendelzare for the Flawless Kambujan set. There are supposed to be about 6 different spawn points that she and 4 other Tier 4 armors can spawn at, but they have not produced anything. I’m going to make a couple of passes through there each night, but start hitting Sep more. I ran through Sep lastnight and got a T4 Blacksmith, Smelter, and Tanner… shrug… I may just have to look at switching to a different set of armor. Unless I can get luck and find Oisun the Smith at one of the random Exile camps.

i found Oisun a few days ago in a camp at the border between the desert and the swamp, in the south east of the desert (on the southern side of the main river). I have no idea about the spawn rates in this tiny camp (2 npcs standing near a bonfire and a little wooden chest + 1 other one patroling around under the trees) it was the first NPC i saw when i first joined this server while heading to the swamp.

Yep, I’ve been reading that they have included the T4’s in several of the Exile camps now. I believe it used to be just the one on the cliff above The Sandswept Ruins. I was actually just looking through some maps and planning a route to run this evening.

Its good to have it confirmed +1

Worst case, I can go with Khitan Captain’s set for awhile… a little less armor, but same stat bonus, and just a little lighter

This is a screenshot from the devkit :

As you can see for the Black hand blacksmiths :

  • lvl 1 weight = 100
  • lvl 2 = 65
  • lvl 3 = 10
  • lvl 4 = 2

Total weight : 100+65+10+2 = 177

Let’s calculate the tier spawn rate :

  • lvl 1 = 100/177 = 0.565 = 56,5%
  • lvl 2 = 65/177 = 0.367 = 36,7%
  • lvl 3 = 10/177 = 0.056 = 5,6%
  • lvl 4 = 2/177 = 0.011 = 1.1%
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Which makes it even more abysmal when you factor in the multiple T4’s that spawn there. Even if a T4 Spawns, there is only a 19.77% chance of getting the one I am looking for, or about 0.22% overall. Which explains why after farming that area of 20+ levels I’ve only see 4 T4 artisans.

I’m so glad I already got everything from there! funcom please… -.-

This makes me happy I finally gave up in disgust and dismantled my Black Galleon base. At least I got half a vault’s worth of Braggi the Bold, Black Hand Captain or Cruad the Crusher for my pains (relatively useless though they are).

I know exactly how you feel. I can’t understand why they wanted to add balance to the game in this way, because it helps no one. Before those unwelcomed changes we could at least know where to find named thralls so it was easy for small clans and lonely guys to have them. Now only the big guys can have named thralls because they can raid everyone whyle we can’t do the same. Nice work Funcom. You did a great job turning the game even more unbalanced…

Yeah, I’ve farmed the hell out of the Galleon, as apparently so many named ones are supposed to spawn there, but I never saw any of the crafters. I mean, I seriously farmed this place, as my starter base was just around the corner and I discovered I could get lots of iron, bark and other things from doing so.

Perhaps I have angered Mitra in some way by my worshipping other Gods.

Alex, can you please give us the exact coding for other factions like new asagarth? as the spawn rate there seems to be better, i really 'd like to compare it with accyrate numbers.
Thanks mate.

Sure, I will do new topic with all artisan spawn rate for all faction, tomorrow.

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Good idea !

Here the spawn rate topic : Real Named thralls spawn rate :wink:

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