Best named thrall locations

Where can I find the best meaning highest hp thralls at or named thralls any ideas ?

That’s a very complicated question, and it depends on which type of thrall you want and why…

Black Galleon got proper thrall spawns (no random spawns):
2 Armorers, 1 blacksmith, 1 smelter, 1 tanner, 1 cook, 1 carpenter, 1 dancer, 1 slaver.
All of these may spawn as named versions; you are basically missing an alchemist.
On top of that: 1 alchemist and 1 random priest. Those may spawn as up to III afaik.

Seperemu got:
3 armorer, 2 smiths, 2 smelters, 2 cooks, 1 slaver, 2 tanners, a bearer and a dancer which all can spawn as named.
There also are 2 carpenters up to III, an alchemist up to III, three dancers (I never saw a named one at conan, only at the other place) and a priest.

Then there is that derketo lady place. It got almost only random spawns, but it’s 6 of them for priests and crafters only. On top of that, there are a carpenter, a cook, two dancers and one armorer at the teacher.
You basically may get every crafter as named there. (I thought alchemist wasnt the case, but someone else said those spawn too.)
Be careful though, those guys tend to commit suicide by jumping down the cliff…

Thats my favorite three spots.
I literally HATE asagarth and mounds, as I am never lucky on those locations and the volcano is missing certain crafters. Pirate bay is streched, so I find it no fun to go hunting for slaves there and I never bother looking in small camps for named crafters.
As for guards - go into the volcano. Even III are worth it.


I get most of my named thralls from sepemeru and some from mound of the dead. I also got some from sinners refuge.

Trying for named high hp fighters an a Ymir arch priest supposed to spawn at asgarth but I’ve raided it daily for hrs at a time never find better than a teir 3

You can get danisa at mound of the dead on one of those little hills with walkway bridges.

Tier 3 is the Nordheimer (Ymir) Archpriest.

There’s a good Archer thrall you can get on the outskirts of “The Den” area named Du’Neman the Dragoon… He seems to be a fairly common spawn as I’ve killed/tamed him several times.

The best fighter/archers are in the volcano. Named have 6k hp, t3 have 4950. Snowhunter and berserker at the mounds are 4050hp.

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Yeah best fighter/archer thralls are Volcano for sure. Much less common now that Vathis was fixed, but they’re still the highest hp ones.

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For the record I was trying to link to the table on the t4 thralls which has a lot of locations listed, but it just went to the main page. If anyone knows how to do that, let me know.

IAre there any difference on dmg output from the volcano thralls from the others? I mean, a T4 volcano to a T4 Cimmerian from mounds? Or the difference is just the HP ?

Actually, if you’re only concerned about damage, the rankings would be T4 Volcano>T4 Mounds>T3 Volcano/T4 Asgarth>T3 Mounds/T4 Relic Hunters/T4 Lemurians. This is because of the way the bonus damage is calculated.

From a practical standpoint, the Cimmerian Berserker is the best melee thrall. While he has less HP than T4 or T3 Volcano fighters, he is the only fighter thrall who uses more than the first hit of light and heavy combos. (This is based on two hours of pit fighting thralls in SP on the Live Patch).


True for now. The patch notes for the upcoming patch say that’s changing. T4/t3 thralls will now use better combos. Not sure if anyone on testlive can confirm this.

I’ve only been to the volcano twice since lagging into a lava flow suck is there a specific spot in the volcano for named thralls or are they just scattered throughout

There’s some specific spots depending on what you are looking for. The fighter/ archer thralls are a random (rare) spawn of other archers/fighters afaik.

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Kook thanks britherman I’ll look it up

Be aware that two of the fighter spawns in the volcano have similar luck with the lava. There is a flaw in their patrol path and they will walk straight into it before going up in a puff of smoke. This is another reason I started farming Mounds for Dalisia’s and Berserkers. She is almost always there and not suicidal. The trade off is that volcano fighters are not immediately hostile, so they are easier to capture.

I catch beserkers 2=3 times a day. They spawn the same area and walk a distinct path. They are nasty fighters especially with 2H swords (not so much with hammers). I capture Votaries as well and can back up the Zerks and Dalinsia fight better (great anti purgers), but the named Votaries are better meat shields for boss help. As far as capture… so named thralls at any level take 7 hits. So you can get a lvl 3 Votarie in 3 hits. If you want meat shields, the volcano is the place to go. If you want agressive base defense against AI, Zerks and Dal. Testlive has Sepamaru matched up with Votarie levels. I am building a base just waiting for that to go live and holy moly… just think of that fight around the campfire there now!

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This will answer all your questions :slight_smile:

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