Advice location to farm named thralls in new patch

any good location that you guys found and can share to this topic.

The main one is Sepermeru, I call it The Desert Jewel, Relic Hunter’s city, in the west have plenty of named (and good ones, T3 are great too) thralls, taskmasters, fighters, smelters, entertainers, armorers…have everything you need and more.
Black Galleon is a good one but it is a high risk zone (you will need to fight against a lot of enemies).
If you have good cold protection, go to the north (the green, rainy and depressive part, not the snowy one) they have a lot of named fighters and archers (some of them are in the same camp)

P.S: I have flawless hyena armor (NOT epic) and I’m great, no cold…in the desert I have heat problems…

hello ,I just saw relic hunter thralls have lot more HP than crimeerrian now so, The highest HP fighter thralls now are the Relic hunter in Sepermeru right ? and thanks for answer.

Relic Hunter Captain has higher Hitpoints than a Cimmerian Berserker, yes. He/she is a 100 % spawn in the Sepermeru Temple quarter so is somewhat easier to reach than the Cimmerian, too - but be prepared that several other nearby Relic Hunters will join the fight as soon as you attack their Captain, and they’re a tough bunch now.

With luck the Captain may wander outside the city for a bit and you may be able to pull him/her away from the rest of the folks with a bowshot. Do not attempt to attack him/her in the middle of the Temple quarter.

The Relic Hunters wandering the Unnamed City are apparently even tougher, but I haven’t been there yet.

I was used crimerian berserker as my army but now I have to change . because after the new patch they have low hp than captain from sepermeru for now.
So the highest HP fighter thralls now are the Relic hunter in Sepermeru right?
If they are not then which faction is the best for fighter thralls now ? ( only 100 % spawn named fighters like captain , Lian , sully ) I want to make sure to choose new combat thralls army and I want to pick the best faction .

Relic Hunters are “Level 60” after the update, so highest level, yes. I just took a Captain for a walk in the Unnamed City - she basically soloed one of the new named bosses and a giant snake, and together we took down a red dragon and the big mama dragon, as well as a huge crowd of skeletons.

I gave the Captain full flawless epic Hyperborean armor, the Bane of Khosatral Khel (an OK legendary one-handed sword) and an iron targe (because it looks good with the rest of her outfit and because I never bothered to learn how to make better shields…), and frankly, I wouldn’t want to fight her, ever.

If you’re just looking for the highest hitpoints, then funnily, named Bearers are the toughest of the bunch… but if you’re looking for someone to fight for you and not just repeatedly hit your opponents in the boots with their face, go for the Captain in Sepermeru.

For some reason it makes me happy to think that the Captain is the best.

New Asgarth now has a guaranteed but random Chieftain T4 spawn. I’ve been farming it dozens of times looking for a T4 armorer that seemingly doesn’t exist…


New Asgarth
Chieftain spawns, in order of frequency:
Fighter: Chieftain Varulf
Tanner: Chieftain Asger
Performer: Chieftain Didrik
Cook: Chieftain Alva
Archer: Chieftain Alfhild
Armorer: Chieftain Aslaug - all 3 Nordheimer sets
Smelter: Chieftain Valda

Freya’s Hovel
Archer: Freya

Lian’s Watch
Fighter: Lian

Mounds of the Dead
Fighter: Cimmerian Berserker


New Asgarth
Blacksmith: Beri, Jala Ash-drinker
Cook: Rikkart the Baker
Performer: Oyvind Tall-tree
Carpenter: Airk-strong-in-the-arm
Fighter: Jonas
Archer: Varpnir
Taskmaster: Manos, the handful
Tanner: Oskar Thunderhead
Smelter: Jon the tinkerer

Freya’s Hovel
Blacksmith: Jala Ash-drinker

The Den
Entertainer: Ionna the Seductress
Blacksmith: Talitha Goldfingers

Pagoda of Boundless Lusts
Armorer: Fia - Lemurian, Royal Lemurian sets
Cook: Gnash the Hungry
Entertainer: Varkin Fleetfoot

Jamilla’s Liberty
Cook: Vatessa the Potent

Armorer: Silas the weathered - Freebooter set
Armorer: Hanar of Bossonia - Aquilonian set
Tanner: Inigo the Vengeful
Cook: Bragoras the Baker

Taskmaster: Risa the Brutal - Shrine of the Oracle
Tanner: Firis Flickertongue - Skelos Well Exterior
Archer: Vaes the Wayfaerer - centre area with red plants

Mounds of the Dead
Fighter: Dalinsia Snowhunter

Black Galleon
Carpenter: Rayne O’ the rosewood
Fighter: Captain Ioushuwa

Armorer: Barks-at-moon - Hyena
Herbalist: Sawah of the Old Way

I also just found Silas the weathered, a T4 armorer, in Seppermeru, and can’t find him on any lists.


Do you have mods that may introduce new T4 NPCs?

Thanks for good answer

Silas the weathered is that T4 Zingara armorer ?

which spot in Sepermeru did you found him ?

Thank you for your good advice :slight_smile:

I’m looking for another faction if they have guaranteed T4 artisan spawn just like New Asgarth but I have not found yet , if you found please shere

I think it was the latest update. It added the Chieftain and several new NPCs, including tamed wolves.

There are 2 (technically 3) spots in Sepermeru I found armorers. The first two are beside Razma’s Quarters; one is right outside, the second is behind the building closer to the water next to it. The third spot is at a gate to Waterside where there is a blacksmith, armorer, and smelter next to an anvil.

I’m back at Sepermeru now so I’ll check what race is he when I go back to my base. I do have more T4s, just haven’t updated yet.

Pagoda of Lust is pretty good for farming too, got a cook and armorer from there.

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The Sepermeru and Pagoda artisan spawns are not guaranteed T4 spawns, though, which is what Marisa was asking.

Furthermore, went to check out the new guys. Although the Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers in the Unnamed City are pretty tough, the Captain has more hitpoints still. So with the exception of some high-level Purge fighters, the Captain is still the toughest fighter.

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I was just answering where I found them; I don’t know of any guaranteed artisan spawns except for the new random Nordheimer chieftains. Everything else is pure chance.

I also tried knocking out the Unnamed City treasure hunter semi-bosses. Sadly, it took me almost a full minute before I realized it wasn’t possible.

I’ll also continue updating the list as I check the different names.

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So what we know for now guaranteed T4 artisan spawn are only in Asagarth.
And the best fighter thralls is Captain.

Now I have a good plan for working on.

Thank you guys so much for your very helpful advice.

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No problem. Check back now and again as I’m still updating the list.

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Hi sorry you talk about Captain bein best fighter, how many HPs he has now?

More than 7000…

Captain has 7425 HP