What's the named thralls point?

I have some named thralls but they have less health points than tier 3 ones, fighters have the same weapon and archers uses their flinthead arrows so…what’s the point? They cost a lot more time and gruel to “recruit” but have less health…
Even a tier 1 fighter (relic hunter, 3k hp) have more health than a “legendary” fighter thrall (black hand, 2,2k)…

Not all Fighter thralls are equal. The tiers of the fighters AND the tribe they belong to define their effectiveness. Use hitpoints as a guide, as it accounts for both tier and tribe. The named fighters are the Tier IV fighters within that tribe and tribe is more important than tier.

The guaranteed spawn named fighter in sepermeru (Captain, you’ll find him/her near the set priest spawn) will have much more hitpoints than the Tier I relic hunter fighter.

I have some archers/fighters, tier 3, same faction (Black Hand), different health points…but still better than named ones (Black Hand).
The ones that are really different are Jhebbal Sag’s followers, they have really low health points compared with other Dog’s thralls.

So I repeat my question…what’s the point?

Could be a bug. This was in today’s hotfix patch notes:

“Fixed an issue where some named NPCs in Sepermeru were weaker than their lowlier brethren. They must’ve skipped leg day at the gym but are now fully trained as well.”

I noticed this low health bug with the captain and also a named blacksmith at Sepermeru (the latter about 12 hours ago). Did another hotfix come out since then?

It’s dated today. I don’t know what time it was put out. The post with the patch notes is 10 hours old though.

Ah good. Hopefully it’s all fixed.

Yep, Relic Hunter Captain is a monster now. I’m glad I recruited three before this patch, because recruiting more would require effort. And since he/she seems to like strolling around with at least one archer now, it’s likely that people would get hurt in the process.

Now, I wouldn’t mind so much if it wasn’t me who’d get hurt…


Good to know.

Thank you everyone, I saw that my fighter (sword and shield thrall from Black Hand called Katarina or something like that) is still in bad shape (2,2k hp) but my new legendary archer (and the other one I had) have the correct amount of health points, 7k or something like that, normal ones have about 5k and legendary had 2k before this patch, so it’s an improvement. Right now I’m “negotiating” for two archers from north, let’s see their health…

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