Fighter thralls 1, 2, and 3... what do you think of the tiers?

I know that Tier 4 named thralls are best, but when it comes to tiers 1-3 - do you find that these really matter too much?


T2 thralls used to matter before the crafting station changes. They used to cut the craft cost of reinforcements, steelfire, and such by half. (2 - 33% rounded down to 1).

Now they do not matter too much. Even Fighter III’s are kinda pointless if you have access to an animal pen. But T3 crafting thralls can make things a little better. I don’t know if they are worth camping for however.


Like most nonepic weapons and armor lower tier thralls becomes obsolete once you can get better ones. They could very largely be considered place holders

Dancers are a bit of an exception as they all do the same thing, unless you take them into combat as a thrall follower. If your dancer just sits at home I imagine the most important factor should be how much you like their appearance.

There is nothing wrong with using lower tier if you like, but it’s kind of a self imposed challenge if you have access to better.

Edit to add. I will absolutely use them every time I start up a new game until I can get better. That T1 taskmaster might not be the best but he still seems to make a big difference in how long thrall training takes


The first time you play? Probably a lot. Nowadays I hardly ever use lower tier thralls. One thing I like is the thrall jail system. Normally I wouldn’t use a t2 thrall, but if they are just going to give me one freely, why not? At least until they can be replaced with a t4.


As others have said, I tend to mostly use lower tier thralls only if I can’t get something better. That said - tier 3 crafters are now worth almost as much as tier 4, because they gain the special recipes (tier 3 alchemist and blacksmith being especially useful). I’d say I put a lot more effort into making sure my crafters get to at least tier 3 than I do into getting tier 4s to replace any t3s that I have already got.

Fighter-wise, I think it’s kinda like OctaviousWrex said - lower tier can be perfectly capable, if you want a bit more of a challenge. T3 Nordheimer or Cimmerian fighters are as good (or better) than the t4 exiles and the like - and any of them are good enough for end game content if you get them levelled and equipped. (I spent the past couple of days farming the Jhil caves on EL with Barnes (t4 exile dancer) on barbaric, and the only person having serious difficulty was me - he survived fine, I got through twice as many healing potions as a normal day :wink: ).

T1 taskmaster is pretty much the only t1 I take these days - most of the other crafters I’d rather wait for at least a t3.


Remember Barnes preference is a Bejeweled chest piece! I have found the Accursed t3 are better than some of the named thralls wondering about.

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Honestly, I tend to avoid T1-2 even when I first start, just go for either named thralls or T3 minimum.

Don’t see the point in wasting my time with them.

I wish the T1-2 would spawn a bit less, I can wander around Sepamaru and not find a single T3 or named thrall.

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Since I built the Kraks de Chevaliers I have been moving some of my low level fighter/archer thralls to it, and since most have never been leveled I walk them thru the skeletons by the Obelisk and rocknose mobs in Godsclaw to gain a little experience.

It is actually fun, and a bit challenging. Also giving them the new weapon types I have never used I get to see what styles are in play. I really like the short sword for my thralls, but when I tried it, as usual, Funcoms stab from a mile away action flings me past the mob everytime, lol.

I have tons of T4 fighters, some I have never leveled and just eat my food and drink my wine, maybe 20 or ao I have leveled all the way up. The lower levels are actually more entertaining to level up IMO. There is an actual risk of losing them instead of just


Well, some time ago I got a T2 Accursed fighter (a Siptah version of Cimmerian). Only because she was a pretty girl :). And now she is lvl 20 with ~5K health and 26% melee bonus )).
Then of course, continued with an Accursed T3 one. Again, chose a pretty girl :). Finally she has 6,4K HP (with +5 or +8 by perks, don’t remember) and 17% melee. Not bad, even a Berserker might be weaker.
Twenty T4 fighters are waiting in the chest…

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Pretty vs tough many cases my wife and I go for Pretty however I normally choose the larger bosumed lady’s. And yes if it was readily available in US we would be playing full nudity.


Play on PC and it is readily available in US.

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For Xbox Just swap location to UK then go into store and select the version you have, in the one area you should see the nudity dlc, make sure to check mark it and download, I’m in Canada and it works perfectly

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Oh yes). 2-3 years ago there was a player who picked up female dancers by eye color (provided that everything else was perfect, of course)
Sometimes he sold them - the words “a dancer from V…” were a quality mark :slight_smile:

BTW in the Exiled Lands almost all T4 dancers had almost no breasts ((( So I preferred to “hire” T3 in Sepermeru tavern. In Siptah the situation is greatly improved


Depends on the Thrall…

I don’t go so much by tiers, as there health. T2 with 1500hp is fine me. I tend to avoid 3k+ ones. (there all OP and need to be deleted… we played game just fine with the 2500-3500’s)

I’ll use alot of lower tier ones, as there much easier find and find ones I like look of. Shame there stats often suck so bad… =/


Yes, they matter a lot. Tier one dudes die too easily. On the upside they can be leveled up to 20 super fast and at that point they’re almost competent. They also break in the wheel super fast - so if they do die you can replace them super fast.

Tier two guys again can be leveled up faster than tier three but still even at 20 they can be wacked with a couple of enemies beating on them or if they get cornered for too long. Break time in the wheel isn’t too bad - especially if you have a high tier thrall on the wheel.

Tier three is sometimes stronger than some of the named thralls. Leveled to 20 they’re very hard to kill and can solo-kill most three-skull bosses without assistance given the right weapons, food, and a little remote control. They take a long time to break and level up but it’s usually worth it. 72 of my thralls are tier 3 now and 90% are leveled up to >10 - which is typically the point at witch you don’t have to worry about them dying if you’re fighting with them side by side - even for only 25% of the boss-fight.

Named thralls are great for crafting stations of course. For fighters and archers it seems only some of them are noticeably better than tier three. I only have 7 of them though so I dunno for sure. I suppose many are better than tier three but I dunno which ones, by how much and in what ways.

Something else that I don’t understand. There doesn’t seem to be any difference between fighters and archers. If I give my archers a 100dmg axe they fight the same and do the same damage as a fighter with the same level and perks. If I give a fighter a level 30 bow and star metal arrows they do the same damage and fight in the same ways as an archer with the same. -=shrug=-

Also I dunno if there are any differences between the races. All of my thralls are of the same race so I haven’t compared. I think it doesn’t matter though.


I can answer this for you a bit. It comes down to what’s often referred to as the ‘hidden multipliers’. Essentially, thralls attributes mean what they mean, but there is an additional variable at play (that can only be learned by setting the follower to follow you, then in admin mode using command line to ‘GetFollowerStat DamageModifierMelee’ and ‘GetFollowerStat DamageModifierRanged’). Unfortunately, these hidden variable’s make more difference than most of the visible stats (eg 20-30 strength will only add about 20% bonus damage, which equates to 0.2). Lower quality tier 4s will tend to have a hidden melee damage modifier of between 1.1 and 1.5. Whereas top end thralls (like Cimmerian Berserker/Dalinsia/Volcano thralls/Teimos - or on Siptah t4 Accursed) tend to have a modifier of 2 - 2.2. (Non t4 thralls will often have even lower modifiers). This leaves the top end thralls doing a lot more damage. The same point applies with archers, who tend to have lower melee bonus and higher ranged bonus (for example - Freya (Nordheimer archer) has a melee modifier of 1.4 and ranged of 2. something - while Lian (Nordheimer fighter) has a melee modifier of almost 2 but a lower ranged modifier).

The other difference is in the base stats they get to start with - different tiers within different racial groups/factions receive different base stats. As noted, these don’t make as much difference as the modifiers, but they still make a difference (for example t4 Nordheimers start with 30 in strength, which does increase their damage output, while Cimmerians get 15 strength and 30 vit).

That said - your point about good t3s being better than bad t4s is entirely correct (and born out in the damage modifiers) - and Freya’s 1.4 melee modifier puts her in that same category (and plenty of other t4 archers get there as well), plenty good enough to act as a melee thrall despite officially being an archer (if I recall correctly, 1.4 puts her at around the same level as the Stygian Invader t4 fighters on Siptah, so pretty decent).


Please, can you say some more about the mechanics of the multipliers? How do they change the damage when the thrall gets the next level?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

There is a table of these modifiers in Conan Wiki but I’ve never read a good explanation of how this variable works.


To be honest, I’m not 100% clear about it myself - I know it starts with the base damage of the weapon, then there’s a modifier for each specific hit in a combo (so each strike does a slightly different amount of damage). Then there’s also the strength stat bonus and also the ‘hidden multiplier’ - I know that last one varies quite widely, with bearers generally having a 0.3-0.5 kinda range, low tier thralls and weaker factions starting maybe below 1 and going up to maybe 1.4 or 1.5, and the powerful thralls generally hitting around 2 or higher. But exactly what order the multipliers are handled or how they’re applied, I don’t know. Theoretically, you could use Hosav’s UI mod to get a bunch of numbers for the strikes and maybe back engineer it, but I suspect the maths gets quite complicated.

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When Siptah launched for console I did some testing as I believed t4 accursed fighters were actually better archers than any other t4 archers (other than t4 accursed archers) available at that time, possibly due to a change in archers/fighters losing boosts to their respective damage types. Combing through the forums and YouTube this was the best formula I could find at that time to work off of:

(MDM/RDM * % Bonus Melee/Ranged) + (MDM/RDM * Weapon Damage) + Armor Penetration = Damage Output

I assume this value is then modified by the type of attack you are performing. If this is valid the %Bonus should increase as a thralls level increases.

Well, let’s just know that “the bigger is the better” w/o analyzing a huge pile of numbers :smiley:

Anyway it’s hard to believe that the multiplier really multiplies the value each time the NPC gets a new level. Imagine a T4 with 2 - then it will be 2 times more, and 20 times, equals (base damage) x 2^20 - finally we get a follower who can spray any 333-skull boss to atoms with a single click of his fingers from the other side of the map :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: