Lower tier crafting thralls?

Apologies if this has already been answered but I did a quick look in the forums and just not seeing a clear answer.

My clan members and I are trying to understand the benefits of Tier 1 thru 3 crafting thralls? We are finding a lot of info on the Tier 4 specializations but not so much on the lower tier thralls.

So is it just a speed benefit? Does it depend on the type of craft (alch vs. blacksmith vs. armorer, etc)?

Thank you

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They are mostly decorations but they benifits in fule cost and some speed. and some have spec crafting skills, a yes weppons and armor are also beather then if you make them

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As Masmassu says, they are mostly going to provide a speed benefit (previously they also affected material costs, but that has recently been shifted to the benches - so the new higher tier crafting stations provide the crafting cost reductions instead). Armorers and Blacksmiths (and carpenters for bows/arrows) also provide increases to durability, damage/armor rating, armor penetration etc, and reductions to weight - a t2 provides more benefit than t1, t3 provides more benefit than t2 etc.

A rule of thumb that seems to be holding true for me so far is that, whatever benefits the t4 specialists can provide, all the thralls of that type provide lesser versions of all those same benefits (the specialists are just much better in their specific area). This may not be 100% accurate, but it seems to be working out for me so far.

There is more information about thralls generally available on the wiki - particularly this page - though it doesn’t go particularly in depth on the specifics of t1-3. But looking at the table of how the taskmasters affect ‘crafting’ time of thralls can give a clearer picture of how crafting thralls generally affect crafting times.

Obviously, with all the changes, the volunteers producing the wiki are having to do a lot of work to get things fully up to date, so not all information is necessarily there yet, but it’s still a very good source - and undergoing revision as we speak.


1 or 2 lvl is just average crafters. They will save you some time and materials but that’s all.
3 and named are real crafters with special abilities. They will save you a lot of time and materials and fix you things that other crafters cannot.
Lvl 3 exceptional
Lvl 4 flawless
Purge crafters on the other hand are the big bet. They will give you alternative ways to obtain materials, legendary repair kits and some armors on their stronger possible version.
Still, my best crafter, my employ of the week, the easiest and faster and most important crafter of the game is…
Darfari witch doctor. Go for it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

@stelagel - I believe you are playing on console? A lot of the information you covered is no longer accurate on PC (and eventually will no longer be accurate on console) - thralls no longer provide reductions to material costs, that’s now covered by the benches. Similarly, the purge crafters are no longer the only way to get the special recipes (for instance, all ‘temperwrights’ (t4 blacksmith, durability specialisation) can now craft Legendary Weapon Repair kits (at the tinkers workbench)).

Exceptional and Flawless qualities have also been removed (though, in reality, because each tier of crafting thrall provides increasing benefits to the same elements that exceptional and flawless benefited, the actual result is much the same (if not better) just without being called exceptional or flawless.

Of course, all of this may change further by the time it actually reaches console - it all depends how the systems evolve.

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Thank you for understanding, I really wonder wtf they have done to this game, but like croms I guess I have no other reason to stay in this forum, I can no longer help, I am a dinosaur, damn.


With respect, I would quite strongly disagree with you on that (and with Croms - wish I’d thought to say it while he was still here) - while it may be true that you don’t have the latest information about some in game systems, there is still a lot you guys can contribute:

a) there are still lots of console players in need of help, and us pc players can only guess at solutions,

b) you still have considerable knowledge of many aspects of the game, and of its history, the changes it has been through etc. Sure, some bits may have changed on pc, but a lot remains the same as well.

c) camaraderie and contribution - the forums aren’t just about ‘solutions’ and the ‘latest changes’, your presence and involvement is appreciated - we are all people who for one reason or another feel strongly enough about the game to want to involve ourselves with the forums, that in itself is a shared experience.

d) in my opinion, perhaps the most important point of all - the game, and Funcom benefits from the opinions of console players - what you think of the changes you’re hearing about on pc should matter to Funcom, because it is to their advantage (and yours) if they ‘get it right first time’ when they do update to consoles. If there are things you hear about that worry you guys, Funcom needs to know that sooner rather than later, because it may be a while before they can fix something if they misjudge how it will work on consoles. On which note, I would urge console players to ask pc players about the new systems - sure, try to avoid spoilers if that’s an issue, but try to gather information on the stuff that’s coming so that you can figure out if there are potential problems that might not have been considered (I saw a good point raised by a console player about the new crafting stations - they are large and you end up with many more benches - this could lead to performance issues for consoles - if that is correct, Funcom should know about it now, but pc players won’t know that).

To cut a long story short (too late!) - I think you guys are valuable to the forums and, while the long wait may get you down sometimes, console will get the updates and your opinions are just as valid as anyone else’s.

Just my two cents…


One year in this forum…
The best post…
Bravo @DanQuixote
Thank you.


Compared to t4, t1 to t3 were always way inferior, new updates are not different.
Crafters from lower tiers will craft items better than the player, always. So, while you get your t4 for every station in your base, t1 to 3 will be good enough to have, as always.

Yeah I understood the old mechanics for thralls but just trying to get a good feel as to what benefits T1 thru T3 now give with the change to the new crafting benches. I did take a look at the wiki before and it basically just said that there were changes needed updated.

@DanQuixote I agree with you @stelagel has plenty to contribute to the forum
Just don’t call me one of his Fan Boys don’t want that getting out. I don’t read much on Sipath but I am keeping up with what PC players are saying about Conan-Exiles. Not happy with some of it. Such as the Foods. Really looking forward to new building materials even though I probably won’t actually play on Sipath much unless someone I know starts a server not changing mine. CROMS Faithful will be back I’m fairly certain.


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