What is the point of level 1 and 2 crafting thralls?

They do not add any bonus (blacksmith/armorer/carpenter), so who will take them?

It will be better to have level 3 or 4 directly.

We just loose time waiting for a level 3 or better.

The speed is not interresting, it is faster to build 5 to 10 benchs.

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

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I could be wrong, but doesn’t each tier of blacksmith/armorer/carpenter add a small amount to weapon damage/armor?


Remove the armorer from this list. He gives recipes on tanners bench!


Level 1 and 2 thralls are not meant to help. they are there to add rng. Without them there would be no reason to grimd after going thru camps one time. They are meant as a negative to make the t3s and t4s rewards not just another resourrce easily farmed.


This is not true. All blacksmiths, armorers, and carpenters add bonus stats to crafted gear, no matter the tier (higher is better though).

Most crafter thralls do not provide speed boosts anymore. The only ones that still do are alchemists, smelters, tanners, and taskmasters.


Likely get reported for spam and banned.

Yes, level 1 and 2 add a little bonus, but it is better to kill them and wait for a level 3 to have a better bonus. (waiting a level 4 will take too long).

For example at set city, it is kill them all unitl level 3 blacksmith / armorer / carpenter / alchemist to start crafting.

I build many level 2 benchs at start to speed up the process, and then later … to make bombs :slight_smile:

I just use 5 thralls :
dancer (any level)
blacksmith 3 (then 4 damage)
armorer 3 (then 4 armor)
carpenter 3 (then 4 damage)
alchemist 3 (to craft orbs)

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@biggcane55 :+1:t6:.

Selene, This is a smart pvp playstyle! Especially if you play solo, you must not “feed” your opponents. The lowest loot your base has, the better! The rarity of Blacksmiths and Armorers makes the game more “challenging”. Since you farm on Sepermeru let me share a main spawn of tier 3 (and higher, armorer). As you exit the Northwest gate turn left to the green wall. You will find a small camp, five npcs if I am not mistaken, one of them is Armorer mainly tier 3 and some times named. For blacksmiths and beautiful dancers I don’t spend my time in Sepermeru, I teleport on black keep and farm the little camps North of New Asgard. A couple rounds and maybe you’ll find a named one too way easier (for me). Not to mention that it’s a good spawn place for named carpenters too.
I do understand why pvp players farm in Sepermeru, it’s an open place and you can be “out of site” very easy.
The greatest secret of the game is been held by the armorer that reduce weight I believe. This needs a research. The second perk of agility is very crucial on fights, it can do the difference! I don’t pvp anymore, so I left it to the side for research, but I believe that it will give you the perfect build.

My friend @Nemisis we use to have a chest filled with benches and (now I believe it has bench materials) an open space max 4x4 to place occasionally the benches we need speed. This cannot get you banned. I don’t have ten improved cauldrons for a day in this playstyle, just for an hour or two :man_shrugging:. The only benches that I might leave for a day maybe the furnaces, or the blacksmith benches, depends on the day.

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You just need to temper your expectations.

They’re better than nothing. That’s about it. Something to snag on your way back to base if you’re not already dragging somebody and put on your benches until you find a tier 3 or 4 to replace them with. Beggars can’t be choosers, as they say.

And of course, you can always just use them as a sacrifice for sorcery components.


:point_up_2:This is the best that posted here.

:point_up_2: This is the most unnecessary!

But this is the one and only, unique @Glurin. :heart:

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T1, T2, and T3 thralls got a boost with 3.0

For example the Alchemist, Smelter, and Tanner increase the rate of crafting by 25%, 50%, and 75%. The Blacksmith and Carpenter increase weapon damage, armor penetration, durability, and reduce weight. And the Armorer increases the bonuses given by the armor as well as the protection it gives, reduces weight, and increases durability.

So you use T1’s when you have nothing else, and upgrade until you have T4s.


Interesting. I missed the notes.

I find it funny that Funcom removed those speed increases from thralls when they did the crafting bench update (2.2? or so) just to bring them back. Lulz.

Also, while doing rounds you are looting a good amount of steel bars. In 1 hour of 3to4 roumds, i will have 200 + to.use for building. Plus scrapped weapon and armor, so decent building mats while leveling.

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The crafting speeds for Tanners and Smelters were always there, even with the new benches, I’m not 100% sure about the alchemist since I never had a chance to test. But the speeds have been the same for about 2 years now.

What @biggcane55 said.

From a PvP perspective, they are easy to tame and set to work early on. Also, you can select thralls with various attributes more easily from this broad of a pool, so if you’re going for blondes only – your “show benches” can be populated accordingly. In every late-game base, where you’ll inevitably build quarters and custom benches in order to draw fire, it’s important to keep them populated. I like to set out T1 or T2 in each of these, conforming to the theme. It makes a raider spend more time attacking useless areas, especially if they’re using ESP – populated benches show they have a thrall, but don’t show the tier.

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Nothing like a troll base with a tink tink of a T1!!!

Side note, i swear i jave played so pong i can tell the difference in the sounds a t1 and names make lol.


Yeah, crafting stations speeds used to be based on the thrall level. But then with the new stations introduced around 2.2-2.3 or so (that would be a couple years I believe) they removed the thrall speed and made that factor dependant in the level of the station.

Personally I’m super happy to see thralls become useful again!

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Better say “what is the point of level 1,2, 3 crafting thralls, and T1, T2 buildings, and non-legendary gears, and non-boss minions, and non-greater pets?”


But they do add a small bonus after some of the patches. T3 crafter is better but T1/T2 is better than no crafter at all.

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When you are newly-born on the Newbie river any T1 is better than none, and it’s a long way until you can kill all the Sepermeru looking for a decent one. I begin with T1 fighters from Exiles. They are trash but all those T1 help me to make better armor, weapon and get decent followers and workers.

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