Fuse Bench for Thralls T1 + T1 = T2

To be created a bench that you can fuse Thrall together until Tier 4 (Tier 3 to be max you can fuse)

Thrall should be the same one with the other for it to can be fused ( with same i mean same job as : Taskmaster / bLACKSMITH etc not same race/look but only job)

So Tier 1 Thrall Taskmaster + Tier 1 Thrall Taskmaster = Tier 2 Thrall Random taskmaster

T2 Fighter + T2 Fighter = T3 Fighetr

T3 Fighter + T3 Fighter = Cannot fuse further (max to be Tier 3 you can fuse that way to be balance for Surge summon system)

Rest can think the devs if they add cost to each fuse or not :slight_smile: , all thrall can be fuse if same job until T3 after T3 cannot fuse anymore .

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Oh YEAH new recipes for the Derketo Temple!

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Should be 3x each tier for the next tier. So you will need 9x T1 for a T3 thrall.

I can see that working with crafting thralls, not by fusing them but them working together.
As for combat thralls, i don’t think i like the idea to merge two bodies into 1 person to make a stronger one. Maybe if you could set them to fight and kill each other, so they could gain exp…

The lore implications of this terrify me. Imagine fusing two people together in a horrifying cronenberg monster that somehow is twice as good at a trade despite being a writhing mass of appendages fused together

I think a new “crafting” station of some sort that works a bit like the wheel but more in the direction of training thralls would be interesting. Maybe you have to give them specific materials for them to train with. So you can capture a lvl 1 smelter and feed ore into the training station to train them over hours and hours to become lvl 2. The material needed to get from 1-2 is one material, and another for 2-3. I agree it should cap at three, to encourage people to still get out into the world to hunt down those good named thralls, or get them during purges. And it wouldn’t work for fighters/archers. Just a way to get better crafting thralls.

BUT for fighters and archers maybe there can be a fighting pit. You put the lvl 1 combat thrall in the pit and feed them opponents, and over time they fight and rank up. So it could use the idea of “fusion” but the lore behind it would be that they are fighting to the death in the pit and the victor comes out stronger. It could take a couple of level 1’s to get a level 2, maybe like 5 of them (your capture + 5 lvl 1’s) and then an increased requirement to get from 2 to 3. It’s pretty easy to find lvl 3 combat thralls in the world, though.

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