Need thralling suggestions, Sepamaru, Mounds, Volcano or New Asgard

Looking for a friendly player recommendation for the best thralling location, absolutely need T3/4 Carpenter but would love t4 alchemists, smelters, armorers and high Hp “bandit buddy” level fighters/bearers.

I’m torn between continuing to farm Sepamaru where I’m set up atm or Moving to New Asgard with the added bonus of a frost giant minion or going Volcano mode or simply old school Mounds of the Dead.

I need a player to player “fishing report” type recommendation of what is biting out there given so many YouTube guides are out of date.


New Asagarth is a great all-around thralling spot for named crafters, and (at least the last time I farmed it consistently) the T4 carpenter is a relatively frequent spawn. For a T4 alchemist, I’ve had the best luck in the Volcano. Volcano also has the best fighter thralls, although Mounds is a good second choice, with Dalinsia and the Berserker.

I would recommend the Pagoda. This is a medium level location, the NPC are not very strong and are located in small groups of 2-3 people. For Craftsmens hp are not important. For fighters - Sepermeru. Craftsmens can also be captured there, but it will be more difficult, since there are more NPC. (And I just love Fia, my favorite armorer at the Pagoda :heart_eyes:).


Yeah, all crafters spawn here. One of my favorite early game areas.
Fighters, keep farming at Set City for easier capture vs hp.

@Aerongrey I have been playing around with different areas and so far I could give the following feedback:

  • For Alchemist - go get the witch doctor in the Summoning Place. Best one you could get atm.
  • Set City - used to love it, not so much after the update because of the random NPC spawns and very few fixed ones. No t4 carpenter or alchemist there (many t3s though) but great if you need a cook, dancers, t4 set priests and fighter thralls (the new bandit leaders). It has 4 t4 taskmaster fixed locations but I havent been lucky with them post revamp. I like the relic hunter camps around - easy t4 armorer which can craft one of the best pvp armors. You can still run around in Sepermeru and check for spawns though (there are 2 bandit groups to avoid and that is it). However, the npcs are one of the hardest to kill. Good amount of chests including gold ones (if you dont mind climbing).
  • Pagoda - mixed feelings. You can get many crafters but with mostly random spawns, it will take a while to get what you want. Armorers and Cooks are what I have been getting mostly. Meh loot even though they drop epic medium armor.
  • Mounds - love the epic drops, great early on until you can craft your own. Good spot all around. Dalinsia is great for thralls. You can get any possible crafter including bearers. One of the top spots loot wise. You could lure them a bit easier than in NA. Only 2 spots are packed.
  • NA and the camps around - great location with good loot if you dont mind being ganged and you are on good terms with the wolves.
  • Black Galleon - seem like a good spot. Not much experience. Still to explore and get the feeling of it.
  • The Den - don’t bother unless you are after a specific armorer. Good for dancers and t4 jhebbal sag priests.
  • The volcano - about 8-10 alchemist locations. I lot of fixed spawns. Some really good archers, fighters and crafters BUT you have to battle the heat, the lava (no thralls allowed), the hostile npcs in many areas who hit pretty hard and you need a gas mask for quite some locations.

Wow incredible post and feedback! Thank you, Conan players are restoring my Faith in humanity one kind favor at a time.

Go to Official PVP…that will bring you back to reality :slight_smile:

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