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Hello everyone, Im back in the game after a year break and I see lot of changes. So, I wanted to get some Basic thralls (like T3/T4 blacksmith, smelter, tanner, carpenter, alchemist) I used to do that at the Den. But now I see theres no my thralls at theirs usuall spot. So I google it up and found out thralls spawn has been randomize or something like that. My questions are - Can I still get those thralls there in the Den? Does t3 alchemist still spawns in summoning place? If not, can You guys point me where should I get thralls I need? Should I head to Black galleon or seperemu?

I think its all RNG, but I havent had much luck at the Den cause there isn’t a lot of NPC’s. The black galleon has tons of NPC’s, and once you do the ship there are more behind it.

But all areas give t3/t4’s as far as I know. I believe there are still specific thralls in certain places, or certain zones (but perhaps someone can confirm for sure). Can’t remember if there is an alchemist at the Den.

Some T3 and even T4 Thralls are now spawning even in some Exiles camps along the Noob river (except Alchemists). Alchemists can be found in the Darfari camp near the Dregs - I’ve got T3 there not long ago. You should better look for new spawn points in Conan Exiles wiki - it’s reasonably accurate and full by now.

The best places for crafters at the moment are 1. Sepermeru 2. Asagarth 3. Pagoda 4. Exile camps.
You can generally get all t3 & t4 crafters from those places.
The galleon dosent offer up much these days. Sometimes a rare find in the surrounding camps though. Den has had nothing but preists and dancers for me for about 3 months.

Ok. Those thralls can spawn anywhere in sepermeru? Should i go there and kill everything on my way till they spawn?

If you enter from the north, there’s an anvil which has a blacksmith, armorer and smelter spawns (all three) right next to it. All these have a chance to be a T4. Following the road you’ll find a fire with a group of aggressive locals around it; this camp has a chance to spawn a T4 tanner and entertainer. There’s another tanner spawn deeper into the city.

There are a couple more spots where T4 blacksmiths, armorers and smelters can spawn, as well as two spots for a cook. The Temple quarter (northeast) spawns a T4 fighter (named Captain), and there are a few places where T4 archers spawn. Finally, there’s a Taskmaster spawn at Westwall Prison where a T4 taskmaster has a chance to spawn.

There’s no T4 alchemist in Sepermeru; the best chance for that is at the Pagoda of Boundless Lusts (or at least it’s easy to clear). As far as I know there’s no T4 carpenter in Sepermeru either, so you may try your luck at one of the Black Hand or Exile camps for that (or the Pagoda if you’re going there for the alchemist anyway, although I’ve had rotten luck getting the carpenter there).

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Okay guys, thanks for help.

Found Rayne of the Rosewood wandering in a camp east of the galleon last week. Other than that t4 carpenters are pretty rare. Find them reasonably often at Asagarth though. Sometimes pagoda and on the jungle pirate ship. Very rare at the mounds but they do spawn.
Apart from certain armorers and blacksmiths, carpenters are the most important thrall, for resource reduction anyway.

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Hitting up the camps around NA I’d a great source of t3/t4 thralls. You can get a named alchemist at the ward towers, and blacksmiths and carpenters spawn a lot.

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In Set City, I have seen confirmed named Thralls at several positions.
3 Armorer positions; at the North anvil, at the south near Relic Hunters totem, near the bridge behind the house in the South.
2 Blacksmith positions; at the North anvil, near bridge behind house in the South.
2 Smelter positions; at the North anvil, at the last house heading to South Wall prison from Relic Hunters totem.
3 Tanner Positions; at the fire pit near the tavern, in the square near the treasure hunting NPC, across the bridge from the previous position.
Archer position on top of the house at the entrance to South Wall prison side of city.
Dancer position; at fire pit near tavern.
2 Cook positions; on the highland separating the tavern and South Wall prison, at a fire pit near the Relic Hunters totem.

Have not personally seen named priest, alchemist and carpenter in Set City. Captain is a 100% spawn rate NPC, only race and gender changes.

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The circled Exile camps all have a chance at spawning T4 artisans from the list on this page:

If it’s a friendly server, see if you can get a maproom and a wheel placed in K5, and then simply do laps from Dregs to K5 along the south bank of noob river. It’s a sufficiently long run that the thralls are apt to respawn by the time you complete each circuit and teleport back to Dregs.

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That’s some good info guys, thank You very much gonna mamę use of that :slight_smile:

One more thing, do I need to feed crating thralls?

No crafters don’t need food.

Cool, thanks

Crafting thralls essentially stop being people the moment you stick them in the wheel. They become items you can use to upgrade your crafting stations. They also have a visual decorative element at the crafting station in the shape and size of a person, but they’re not really there - you can’t hit them, and you can actually walk right through them. They don’t care if there’s a wall where they’re placed, and stick right through it - I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve placed a large campfire or a stove next to a wall the wrong way and found that my thrall is trying to cook from the other side of the wall.


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