Named Bladesmith Thralls?

I’ve been looking for days for a Named Bladesmith Thrall. Internet sent me to camps around the mounds of the dead and the Black Gallon but I’m not finding anything. Any suggestions?

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you might find the information found here helpful-

Blacksmith (profession) - Official Conan Exiles Wiki (

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Tried it and still can’t find them. My server must have low drops or heavy farming alpha clans. I just started farming blood crystal and buying crafting thralls at Mek-kamoses’s Spire. I got a named blacksmith the first try.

Bladesmiths are generally hard to find for the most part, so don’t feel discouraged. It could be alpha clan farming, but unlikely.

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RNG is the hardest boss…


Picked one up at Sepermaru, I find if you farm for a while you’ll get one there eventually, took me about a week (bear in mind the official server I’m currently playing on is quite busy)

Its a great place for named thralls in general. It’s a big area, and there are a lot of potential spots for them to spawn.

Like life in general, perseverance is the key. :wink:

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I don’t recall a Bladesmith (DMG T4 Blacksmith) being available at Sepermeru…
What is your thrall’s name? :eyes:

Master Blacksmith Kiris

I initially got mixed up with Mut of Stygia but he’s an edgesmith.

But Kiris does pop up, both do fairly often if you farm for a while.


My best bet is always sinner’s refuge but it takes time. If you are high lvl go to the mount of the dead camp, it’s a hard camp but it’s very rewarding too.

Another hard bet is the well of skelos, but beware for your thrall, these guys hit really hard down there.

So i would suggest you to go to the mount of the dead camp, he spawns quite normal!

At mek’s spire, you can buy them. It’s RNG, but if you have extra blood crystals, maybe try it. I can’t guarantee the smithy type. I got a named armorer and a named weapon/blade smith, but they were robbed.

[Might have to start hiding them.]

P.S. noted above my post is some named thralls. :grin:

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From this page: Mek-kamoses's Spire - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

You cannot get a Blacksmith at all from the trader, so nevermind a Bladesmith :notlikethis:


I can’t check my game right now but I got someone who makes armor. I guess tier 4 armorer? I think it was Battleborn.

I don’t buy crafters. I like the option that you can buy them it’s a role play option that i requested years ago. So it’s nice and i am great full that it exists in game. 2 players already said that they buy a blacksmith from the trader. Maybe wiki page is not updated yet. Maybe not. Spawn blood crystals and start buying. Or gather them :man_shrugging:. Your choice. But if it’s true it’s correct too. Why we couldn’t buy blacksmiths? It’s wrong isn’t it?

Yes, armorer. Not blacksmith :+1:

Personally I think the obolus traders should go away; it’s not about buying, but about how imbalanced the current system is…
The fact the artisan available are not optimal makes the wheel of pain still relevant, otherwise you would just 100% buy them, it is so much easier to have everything available in a single spot.

I like having the option to buy, or hire, the crafters. It makes doing a no-slavery playthrough a little nicer to be able to hire crafters, or mercenaries (the combatant thralls) for that matter.

I know it’s not for everyone, and it’s bound to go away at some point, but I’m really enjoying the option while it’s there.


Exactly, it’s a role play option.
Too many private role play servers exist and act in the relaxed way. In these servers people care more about harvesting and build than slaying bloodthirsty all around the map. So these people deserve a pacific way of getting things and they have no less hours in game than all the others.
Other than that we had a market in Buccaneers bay from the very beginning. We could buy thralls and alchemists. So being able to buy everything for me it’s progress. I still wait the day that i will be able to sell whatever i have plenty and don’t need it.

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