I haven't found a single named blacksmith since the crafting stations/crafting thralls update

Anyone else in the same boat? I’m on a private server with no changes from official ruleset. I haven’t even seen a named blacksmith while collecting numerous examples of all the other crafting thralls. I’ve hit Cimmerian camp, Sepermeru, Sinners Refuge, etc. Nothing.

Ive gotten atleast 4 in the last week do a search on named t4 thralls it will give you a master site for all, then use the wiki to find the loc.

It does sound like a run of bad luck - I got one from Sinner’s Refuge about a week ago, and another in an exiles camp on the river before that (plus one in a purge today - though there were other problems with that purge…) That said, I’m on singleplayer, which could make a difference…

While I have noticed a distinct drop in the spawning of named thralls, I am seeing some of all types. I would take a look at
New Asagarth and that surrounding area. I find BS and Smelters in the surrounding camps, especially.

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The best place to find them on a pvp server is others peoples bases, got many ones last week :slight_smile:

I just got Beri less than an hour from the time of this post.

Official Exiled lands server.


Was she at Freyas Hovel? I’ve been on the active hunt for a bladesmith since the new thralls were released and I haven’t found a single blacksmith period. I literally have captured and converted over 40 named thralls since the update and found not a single blacksmith.

I lucked into Vulfeles the Hammer (bladesmith) in the Mounds, Kot-Arok Steelbender (edgesmith) in the Waterside neighborhood of Sepermaru, and Merkel the Bladesmith (who’s actually an Edgesmith) at one of the camps on the top ridge north of New Asagarth. I wound up trading an extra durability armorer for a durability blacksmith (can’t remember which one at the moment).

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I was a teensy bit peeved afterwards since I didn’t notice the “[Edgesmith]” while pummeling him with my javelin.

Try mounds of the dead, you can make the rounds so you’ll hit respawns when you go again, they have a very nice blacksmith increasing damage on weapons and a smelter, plus you can find a cook, taskmaster, Dalinsia, Cimmeran berserker and a very nice looking performer, Lianeele!
That place is a thrall gold mine!
But hurry! Before Funcom nerfes it for having too many good thralls and deems it’s too fun to farm there!

Edit The volcano has tons upon tons of crafter thralls!

Beri is a “Tempersmith” iirc

That’s my bread and butter. The camps especially. Armorers, smelters, Blacksmiths, Carpenters. I have grabbed some after the update. Some my thrall killed before I could pull him back.

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check regurarly set city ,quite a few spawn at set city (below the temple district and on same level is ur best bet) and meadowwatch at NA for Beri

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I also looked for a Bladesmith for weeks without success. Found the occasional Edgesmith, but no Bladesmith wanted to spawn.

Then, I found three in a row, two in the Cimmerian area, one in Sepermeru.

So, they do spawn. It’s possible that there’s something strange with the spawn chances, but I’d say it’s just random.

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If Exiled Lands map has been generous with t4 crafters(my farm Spot has always been set city and NEW asagarth) i cannot say the same for Siptah.

My conquest still goes on After 23 max Chaos surges only 2 crafters(2 t4 carpenters/fletchers) and an astounding amount of dancers/bearers. Lately it seems that the number of t4 dancers/bearers dropped also, to a reasonable amount of 1/surge.

RNG can be crazy in this game… at one point I spent 1-3 hours every day for more than a month trying to find an armorer who could make Kambujan or Dafari without finding one.

Another time I found 3 Bnaru in 2 days without even trying.


Yeah, I hear you on the RNG - spent pretty much of the whole last playthrough looking for Musashi’s Black Blade (because I had turned a thrall into a ‘samurai’ and wanted him to ‘look right’ more than ‘fight right’…) and never found it in a single legendary chest (and I built up a lot of legendaries before I moved on from that game :wink: ). In my current playthrough I already have two of them from the first five chests I’ve looted…

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Found one at mounds just now, a blade one :slight_smile:


No reason to nerf it. I’ve farmed all the human main cities a million times and I’d say they all have the same chance of spawning t4’s. Some are only better because they have better fighter and archer thralls (other places can also be seen as better because the npcs are way faster to kill) and The Summoning Place is probably a little worse because it’s much smaller than the other cities (But on the other hand Sinners refuge is right next to Summoning place).

Mounds is nice though, no doubt. And the Steel bars are a nice bonus.