Something is going on with my private server

When was the thrall update? I’ve not found a single, NOT ONE SINGLE named blacksmith on my private server since the crafting station/thrall update. My son and I pillage Sepemaru, Sinners Refuge and New Asgarth regurarly and I usually hit Freyas camp after going through Asgarth. We haven’t found SQUAT in the way of named blacksmiths. I’m looking for a bladesmith in particular but in the months since the update I haven’t come across a single named blacksmith. I less frequently hit the cimmerian camp and pirate camps at the ship but still haven’t seen one there.

I haven’t seen a named bearer since before that even though I have two of them from within the first month of opening my private server.

Also in the last 3 weeks there hasn’t been a single meteor on my server. Every single time I went to the Frozen Temple obleisk I could go to a couple of spots just south of it and find at least 2 or 3 star metal nodes. EVERY SINGLE TIME. No exceptions. Now for 3 weeks we haven’t seen a single one.

My server is completely “stock” or vanilla except for no decay times on player structures and your body leaves the game when you log out. I have the Pippi mod just to make some things easier but I don’t have anything permanently activated pertaining to it.

Also the first 4 or 5 times I farmed the bat up north that drops the blood tools I got at least 1 tool each time, I received 2 tools in one drop like 3 of the times. I think I ended up with 7 tools from 4 farms. My son has killed the bat 3 times and hasn’t gotten a single tool drop. I know that’s not a big sample size but getting 0 tools in 3 attempts versus 7 tools in 4 attempts is at the very least on its way to being heavily skewed from my numbers.

I know people always resort to “string of bad luck” but at this point I don’t think I can buy that. Could something on my server be bugged or some settings got messed up in an update?

At the very least not coming across a named bearer for months and a named blacksmith since the update is highly suspect.


@Narelle would you have any input to this problem. @Criosdaidh is having thanks in advance.

My brother and I have a private server from g-portal and all seems fine with thralls on it. I have not had a chance to go for star metal so I can not comment on that.

A way you could test if the Named thralls are spawning.

In admin mode,

  • Turn up the spawn rate

  • Go to Freya’s Hovel or whatever spawn point you wish. Beri is a Tempersmith but you could see if she spawns.

  • Admin kill every NPC that spawns to see if a Named thrall appears.

You must have angered RNG-sus somehow, I haven’t had this issue.

Yeah so I don’t know. Still not a single named Blacksmith. My wife and son and I rolled new characters and started raiding the pirate camp on my server. We ended up getting named bearers two spawns in a row. We’re like lvl 25-30. I bet I’ve farmed bearers/camps places for named bearers/etc to spawn a hundred times to 1 compared to what we’ve done at the pirate camp. I don’t know. I do know between this game and Lord of the Rings Online I’ve come to believe the random numbers generator is anything but random.

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