My server hasn't come up since the update!

I’m on a private server named, Conan Exiles Server (I should have realised that there are more than one server named that before I picked it) it hasn’t come back up since the patch, my friend is on the server too and it’s the same for him so it’s really down. Doesn’t even show on the list.

Is there anyway to see who owns the server and contact them?

I’m not sure that I’ll start over on a new server, I have had this happen before and I don’t want to be the newb on a server filled with level 60s, or go through the whole leveling thing for the 3th or 4th time.

Other wise I guess it’s time to move on, but I’m not really into anything else right now.

I can go back to The Elder Scrolls Online and get the new content but I’m not enthused about that either.

That one of the riskes whit privat server, you are so depended on the admin, but guess another admin know if it have to update or so, or if its just closed.

Well my server did come up again last night after being down for 3 days, so it’s up and running. Some things are gone, like Orbs etc, and the area around my house where other people had build things and then abandoned them have been cleaned up.

All in all it seems to be running better.

Back to making Steel so I can make Hardened Steel, so I can make ? on and on. LOL

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