Private server (not mine) not showing in the list after update

Hi guys,

I just need some quick advices or explanation, how does these things work and what to expect. Last few days I was playing on a new private server. Today it kicked me out just before installing the new big update and since then that server is not showing up in the list. I am not admin and have no contact with the guy who runs it.

  1. The server even does not show up when I try filter “favourites”, it just say 0/1 servers.
  2. Filtering “invalid servers” does not help either.
  3. The set restart server time is 6 AM, is it gonna run by itself after the automatic restart?
  4. Does the server admin need to do something about this, also does he need to instal the patch as well, so the other players could join his server?

I would try direct connect, but unfortunately I don’t know the IP. I was looking forward to try the new DLC today, and now this. :frowning:

Thanks in advance!

I’ve seen this happen in the server I play on, it sounds like the server is down and needs rebooting. Thankfully there is a discord for my server

There has been a few times where it happened and then fixed itself before it could be reset, so hopefully it just irons itself out

I sadly have no idea about points 3 and 4

Hi, thank you for your input… Then I suppose I just need to wait no matter what. :smile: Only the waiting is frustrating, when you are not admin and can’t do anything about it.

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Thanks, let’s hope it will be the first case. :smiley:

My server has been down since this morning sometime. I’m certain it’s an update/mod issue, as is always the case, I’m just surprised to see how few people are having issues (or at least posting about it). I’m just biding my time as these things usually sort themselves out.

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It’s probably not going to work, but it might not hurt to put a post on Reddit with the server name in the title, just in case the admin goes there regularly

So you think that when the server decides, it will just “jump on”? :smiley: I’d like to know how these mechanics work, actually… Especially when there is no active intervention needed in those cases, according to what people say about it.

Yes, that occured me too. Even tried to find FB groups with similar name, but there are many of those with shortcut of country (CZ/SK Conan etc…) Even I don’t remember the exact name. :smiley: Nothing doing here for now I guess. :confused:

No, I am the server owner and I actively monitor it. When there is an official update from Funcom, there is a high chance that a modded server will be impacted. Usually, this requires either one or several mods to be updated by their respective authors or a hotfix comes in from Funcom.

I am not aware of any mods on that server. But still if there are some, it could just do if admin disables them until they are up to date as well, right?

I’m no expert so take this with a grain of salt…
but technically yes. What some do in these cases, though it can be game breaking depending on the mods, is remove all the mods and slowly add them back one by one until they find the one causing the issue. Then you simply add it back when it gets updated.

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I just checked and I joined the server without allowing to see moded servers in the list… So this one has to be vanilla. I have no clue why is it still off, tho. -.-

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My wife had I have a ps4 server it went offline over no apparent reason when I logged in later went to favorites and got on she on the other hand had to go to internet setting then down to server name and type it in and found it. Hope this helps I’m expecting server to be down when I get home updates normally knock it offline. Good luck :+1:.

Just checked with my phone and it is up.

Hi, well mine is still down. -.- Usually the active server shows up in the top of the PvE servers, because it’s marked as favourite. Still nothing, blank space and only the layout says 0/1 favourite servers. I rely on the regular 6 AM server restart and hope this would make it. If not, I will wait until the weekend and if still nothing, I will move on somewhere else.

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My wife is on ours right now . My reset was 5:30 am witch might have fixed it looks like update was PM MY time. Best of luck to you.

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UPDATE: The server is online again. :slight_smile:


Congrats! Mine came back just as I was walking out of work earlier…though I’m still waiting to download the damn update myself lol.

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Tell me about that. I just hate when some big update comes, it just needs to rewrite your whole game and then some more. So you launch the game excited to play, and now here comes this announcement: Downloading update, 3,15 hour to go. :face_with_monocle:

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