Is there a list of where to find the different varieties of crafters?

Has anyone made a list of the various crafters and which kind they are? (Such as bladesmith, edgesmith, etc).

I’m not even sure how that works. Can any blacksmith spawn as a bladesmith, or do only certain named blacksmiths spawn as bladesmith?

Check wiki and they have fixed specializations:

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Thank you. I noticed the location is blank under the thralls. Any idea where I might find that information? Im not coming up with anything on in a search for their names. Im needing to find a bladesmith in the Exiled Lands.

They should be available in all the ‘usual’ locations - for instance: Conall the Hammer should show up (eventually…) at one of the exiles camps along noob river. Going through the list of baldesmiths, there’s a lot I’m not sure on the locations - but there are Darfari, Relic Hunters, Heirs of the North, Black hand etc among them, so they should show up in the usual spots (I just don’t know for certain with the others, whereas Conall I’ve definitely encountered before). TBH I’m mostly just raiding as normal and figuring I’ll probably encounter one in due course - certainly I don’t know if there’s somewhere more likely than anywhere else…

There are spots where the " spawn list " is shorter so you have more chances of getting a T4 out of them ( as an example spots that will always spawn an armorer as oposite to a spot that can spawn any crafters from armorer to tanners ) but over all you always will have to kill untill one spawns ( except for the very few 100 % spawn points like Freya / Lian )

Awesome. Ill go farm for Vulfeles! Thanks everyone! Ive got probavly 5 or 6 thralls of every crafting type and have managed to get at least 1 of every specilization except bladesmith for some reason. I’d be ok with edgesmith if I didnt use great axes but with these having no base armor penetration I don’t get the full benefit from an edgesmith.


check this out, Wak did a awesome job of showing all the crafters and where you can find them.

(172) Every Named Crafter Spawn Location | Conan Exiles 2020 - YouTube

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