Xbox thralls at crafting areas

I am on the Xbox. Would anyone happen to know how do I place a thrall in a crafting area? I cannot figure it out to save my life.

I’ve seen on Youtube thralls doing whatever thralls do in front of crafting stations. How do I place them there?

You can only place the correct matching type.
So once you have tamed a blacksmith thrall and its in your inventory. You can add the blacksmith trall to the blacksmith and they start working there

There’s a specific ‘thrall’ slot in the crafting station, you drag the thrall there from your inventory.

The only thralls I have seen so far are the dancing, melee, and archers at the small and large campfires. Do I need to train them somehow?

No, they are just a lot rarer, you need to go find them at the bigger camps. Like the city and the pirate ship

Along the river, there are specific Tier 1 skilled Thralls. For example, I found a Cook (Tier 1) on an island with a Fighter Thrall at the same campfire. I was able to capture the Cook and put her to work at my Large Campfire. Here’s what I had to do:

  1. Construct the Large Campfire.
  2. Domesticate the Thrall (using a Lesser Wheel of Pain)
  3. Take the Domesticated Thrall out of the Lesser Wheel of Pain and put the new Cook in my inventory.
  4. Open the inventory of the Large Campfire.
    a. At the top left of the Large Campfire workstation, there is a black box for the Thrall
    b. Drag the domesticated Thrall (cook) from my inventory to the special black box for the Thrall in the top left corner.
  5. Close both inventories. Now the cook is working at the Large Campfire (and materializes next to it in a kneeling pose).

Thus, certain types of Thralls only work at certain types of workstations. Scattered along the river where players start are campfires where a specialized Thrall can be found (at certain ones). If you find a campfire with only two fighter Thralls, then that’s not where a skilled Thrall spawns. Move to the next one. Eventually, as you play, you’ll find that certain campfires spawn a certain type of skilled Thrall at that location. They don’t randomly spawn; they have a fixed spawn location. So, for example, if you are looking for a female Blacksmith with a specific hairstyle, and you come across a campfire with a male Blacksmith instead, kill him and leave the area so the respawn sends a different Blacksmith. You may have to do this several times to get a specific-looking Thrall with the skill you want.

Higher level skilled Thralls (like Tier 2 and Tier 3) can be found at the pirate ship, major bases, and even cities. Named Thralls (Tier 4) only appear in the most densely populated areas like the pirate ship and city.

Thanks for the input! Much appreciated! :slight_smile: