When placing thralls into crafting station they end up in it's inventory

When placing thralls into there crafting stations, they are only going into it’s inventory not where they are suppose to go. This has only been happening since the last update and also i get invisible elephants and they game as well as intro lags. I have no internet issues on my end


In the last update, they changed it to that (whether intentionally or not). You have to manually place them in the worker slot.

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So how do you do that on the ps4

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Place thrall as you would normally, then click thrall in Crafting Stations and click Empty Square on top of Crafting Panel.

I miss old way of easy equip, same with dismantle bench. We don’t have mouse support on Consoles… and this was Such a HUGE Step back for good menu controls…


Thank you

This is something that has taken adjust to for the journey steps you need to manually put in their place @Joephonix

I’ve been having the exact same trouble, but this time, I tried all the steps and still didn’t work. What should I do?

Ok so what I did was put thrall into crafting stations inventory with R2 on controler, then i highlighted that thrall and taped X, then move up to the square box where trall goes and taped X again. The thrall should be in the correct box.

That’s what I did, and still didn’t work, is it perhaps bugged for me?

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When you tap X make sure in the top left corner of your thrall a white shaded section appears then move to the thrall station box the tap X again

I did, I have 4 thralls doing things for me, I have the blacksmith, smelter, carpenter, and the tanner.

What Work Station? You may not have right thrall. Blacksmiths fill a few spots, but a tanner wont work in Tinker Bench etc. Some work benches don’t take thralls.

Someone reported a few of Darfari Medicine Mans didn’t work for Alchemist stuff.

It shows that their working and it speeds crafting up, I have the tanner in the tannery, the blacksmith in the blacksmith table, the smelter in the forge, and so on. They are all in the space they should be and it isn’t saying I completed the step for the journey for some reason.

I do not know then my are working fine but i haven’t done the journey steps for that yet.

Which Journey Step? You have Journey Step selected? (obvious I know XD)
I don’t remember an Issue with this one, inless its asking for a named thrall to be placed.

The journey step won’t complete and I can’t get any other thrall journeys until then,

Of course I have it selected haha, it just won’t complete and it sucks

I could send you the image of it on PlayStation so you could see it for yourself,

You have to have thrall in your inventory highlighted by X put into upper left. Won’t work if you put in bench inventory. @Sera67

I had the same trouble with a blacksmith. Captured another, converted him, and then placed him in the bench and it completed the step. Don’t ask me why.