Here's the guaranteed list of Named Thralls to get after 20/6/2018 testlive patch


  • Pirateship: Smelter, Blacksmith, Cook, Carpenter, Tanner, Taskmaster, Entertainer, Fighter(Captain of ship)
    (basically all crafter spawning locations in pirateship in current testlive guaranteed to spawn Named crafters except Armorer)

  • Den: Smelter, Armorer

  • Sepemeru City: Fighter(Captain of city)


  • New Asgarth tribe: Alchemist(at wardtower), Fighter(at Lian’s base), Archer(at Freya’s base)

  • Deads Mound: Fighter(Berserker)

  • Volcano: Blacksmith, Cook, Alchemist, Tanner, Taskmaster, Fighter(master devotee)

And yes all of these are guaranteed 100% spawn rate as Named thralls in current testlive patch.
(previously only Volcano had guaranteed spawning crafters)

But… Is this intended Funcom?

I understand Volcano area guaranteed to give players Named thralls as it is the game ending and highest level area in entire game, but all Named crafters in pirate ship? Idk if that is balanced D:

And also, it is good to have rest of crafters in Pagoda NPC area (Swamp), but the new 2 spawning areas there just spawn random type of crafters including the priests. So, sometimes I see 5 Armorers spawning at the same time in the Pagoda camp.(there’s already 2 spawning places for Armorer and Cook in that camp before this patch, so this need to be changed to be balanced i think. All crafters should have their own spawning location instead of just random spawning) And still no spawning Alchemist there.

And the Volcano area… it seems nothing has been fixed except balancing the fighters/archers in entire game. Still I do not see Smelter, Armorer, Carpenter, Entertainer spawning in Volcano.

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For the love of god, please give us at least one named armorer that makes cold-resist armor (flawless epic) in New Asagarth? This really needs to be where Njorjor Battleborn spawns.


I’ve been up and down the Den and I haven’t found one armour. I can’t find a named one in the desert city even though maps say there should be.

The spawn rates are very low now. They are there.