Named thrall spawn rate

Is the spawn rate for specific thralls dependant on their speciality? Eg I know where a named fighter constantly respawns every time I capture or kill. But I can’t find a named smith, armourer or other useful thrall anywhere?..

I’ve done the pirate ship and Conan city a lot looking.

so far as i understood it some named have a dedicated spawnpoint and are available all the time and most of them are really rarespawns like the archpriests.

for example the named warriors in Sepermeru and the stone pirate ship are there all the time, same with the desert dogs archer and the guys in the volcano.

the different blacksmiths and armorers you desperately want for the nice gear are rarespawns and probably worth a lot if your server established a economy.

That’s pretty much the conclusion I had come to… cheers. I had a lingering worry that they might have been bugged and not respawning

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