Named thralls Sep city

What named thralls are available in sepermuru city after 500 patch
Particularly named armorers

Alchemist - None
Archer - Lissa O’ The Longbow and Mandughia Hundred-Arrow
Armorer - Hanar of Bossonia, Diana Steelshaper, Than Hammerblow, Arcen Brokenfingers, Zoara of the Marshes, Ghamm the worn
Blacksmith - Hyam Hammerhand
Carpenter - None
Cook - Bragoras the Baker
Entertainer - Thukmetri the Dramatist, Luba the Lucious
Figher - Captain
Smelter - Daya Leaddrinker
Tanner - Inigo the Vengeful
Taskmaster - Beli the Breaker, Olena the Oathmaker


Thanks I have a good portion of them but missing couple armorers
I been farming random apwn spot and mounds trying to get werk of lost tribe no luck yet but
Took bout 3hrs at random spawn on edge of jungle and noob river n managed to nab grrr legbiter makes some pretty awesome armor with the +5 strength
But want sure who spawns in Sep city now that the 2 tgralls aren’t trapped in building
Thanks for all the info and the fast response really appreciate it
Also bed asgarth seems to b new black galleon for named spawn rate but no named armorer
Njorner doesn’t seem to spawn from what I’ve seen and read which is pretty big drawback but I usually pull a named thrall every run to asgarth sorry for babbling and thanks again

Sorry for all the typos

Thanks I was also interested to know this.

I got a list of tgralls in New asgarth and been farming mounds and the random generated exile camp i can compile list for those once I’m online to double check what they’re names are
But new asgarth has all thralls minus named armor and I’ve had really good luck there
Found 4 named on single run numerous times usually at least 1 per run
And the steel is a nice bonus to

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Wow that is a lucky run. I would love that list whenever you are able.

I’ve been farming the city but been super unlucky as I’ve only found Luba the Lucious 4 times and Inigo the Vengeful once, after 10 different explorations of it.

Hua Sep city has definitely toned back spawn rate thinknreason I’m so lucky in New asgarth is tgere are so many crafter thralls and now that it’s rng for any crafter thrall not just going to same thrall spawn point and killing or capturing the t3 that constantly spawned till t4 shows more crafter thrall spawn points = higher chance of t4
New asgarth has like 3 or 4 smelter spawn points 2 Smith spawn points in city and 1just ne and 1 nw of asgarth as well as 3 carpenter spawns 2 dancer spawns 3 alchemist spawns
3 taskmaster spawns 2 cook spawns
2 priest spawns and 2 Tanner spawns
Not mentioning the fighters
Although there is no armor and I also have not seen named archers there
It seems to have most density for crafter thralls than anywhere else

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Note that archpriest just say priest lvl 3
No actual name

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Arik the strong arm is carpenter
Beri the blacksmith
John the tinkerer is smelter
Rokur the alchemist (ward tower and new asgarth)
Jonas the fighter
Bargos the baker
Are the ones that come to mind but I know I’ve caught a tanner and taskmaster I’ll have to check they’re names once I’m able

Oh ya Manos the handful is taskmaster can’t remember tanners name
But let you know soon
Think that’s all types except armorer

We have not seen a named armorer anywhere since June. The ‘patch’ eliminated them completely as far as we can tell.

I know if you go to random exile spawn point
(Look up thread :farming a thrall for 12 days
In the general discussion forum )
You can catch any exile armorer
People usually only go there for
Grrr legbiter who crafts flawless epic hyperborean slaver armor
I know for fact he’s in game
I lucked out and caught him after 3hrs there on official server
But it’s eng
(Random number generated)
Spawn for exile npcs
So any thrall from the exile faction is possible to catch there ie:lvl1 Tanner to named armor

Lol meant RNG

Taking advantage of the conversation, which thrall makes the flawless zamorian thief?

Pretty sure it’s Irniz of the furnace
I got her from black hand long time ago
Well before 500 patch

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Lol my character name in Conan is “Groo”

I use this avatar because the adventures of groo are very similar to my adventures in pvp servers.

Thanks for the info about flawless zamorian armor pal

I used trio cause used to read those comics when I was a kid at same age as I read Conan call it nostalgia I guess lol

Lol not trio