Who and where are the New thrall’s

Hello guys i want to know if there is a list of new thralls and where they spawn and what recipe they make. :blush:

I have only seen tarris leatherbinder armorer he spawn along with slavetakers of relichunter

What’s he make and where did you get him?

Near Sepermeru. Parallel to the sand reaper queen, north of westwall prison. Close to the edge of the map(green wall). Near the big mountain.

He makes flawless relic hunter


i found chieftain arvid a carpenter in New Asagarth he was a single skull boss and had 2 teir 3 fighters when i found him, ive been farming the village for a while seems like every re-spawn ive been getting a chieftain each one has had a different name and specialization

Found a named archer at Sepermeru. Not Lissa longbow though… but at the same location.

It was a race to see who goes unconscious or dies first. was 1-2 arrows from dying… and now I plan on doing some double archer fun with identical gear/aesthetics.

she channels her inner Legolas very well. So well I feel inspired to Legolas also.

There is an exiles fighter Kuth One Blow on the spit south of the first exile bonfire east of the dregs, a black hand fighter south of scuppers shelter, a dafari cheiftan Cannibal Brute sometimes in the summoning place and I found a new named smelter in the black hand camps near pariahs overwatch.

Mandughai Hundred-Arrows? She existed pre-Patch and shared spawn spots with Lissa o’ the Longbow. I had captured several of both before the patch (and was slightly upset that they had less hitpoints than their T3 colleagues right after the update, but this has since been fixed).

Kruth One Blow was leading a Starved Exiles purge I got last Tuesday, so it seems he’s not limited to the wanderer spot. Unfortunately his name seems to indicate how quickly he is defeated, as my Lemurian fighter killed him before I was able to reach him with my cudgel.

All these new cheiftans are purge thralls. They are giant when you encounter them.
And yes, that must be what his name refers to. He has 1485 HP.
Takes about 9 truncheon blows but only 1 hit from a sword.

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