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***so I know that spawn rates have dropped for t4 as now any crafter thrall spawns tier 1 to 4 randomly instead of always t3 and some times t4 in named locations
But I’m wondering where do xtra thralls spawn has anyone seen t4 armor in New asgarth or the mounds
I got lucky and caught named fighter cook taskmaster and smelter in New asgarth in only 6 runs and I heard the previously inaccesible thralls trapped in Sep city building by south lake are now attainable but I’m wondering where the armor thralls spawn now in Sep city and if the armor thrall in mounds and new asgarth actually spawn as theirs conflicting info and nothing really up about the spawn points being more spread out between major thrall cities in the game and where t4 thralls are now located.
Lots of people talking bout spawn rate but not where you can get them now
I do know theirs named taskmaster cook smelter priest fighter and alchemist in New asgarth now but have not been able to find out anything about mounds or named armor for north regions

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I have no idea about the armorer in New Asugarth, but I have found a named T4 carpenter there. As you enter he spawns as the first carpenter on the right side of the city. His name is Airk Strong-In-The-Arm.

Thank You I’ll keep you posted about any other info I can get for new spawn points and new thralls that weren’t available like the ones in south lake Sep city

I’ll also let you know names of tgralls I have caught in New asgarth as soon as I’m able to get on and look

So there’s definitely a named
And archpriest priest only says priest lvl 3
And beri the blacksmith
Pretty much everything but have not seemed names armorer

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