Volcano Thralls on xbox

i m running around the volcano area and tryin to find out what named thrall can be found there. so far i found a blacksmith, a cook, an alchemist and a tanner. are there more ? i ve seen on some yt videos that a named archer thrall ( wayfearer something) should also be there but cant find her. are some thrall missing on xbox and will be implemented with the parity update ? also can someone tell me what lvl the master of cerimony archer and his followers are ? i captured the master and he seems, judging by the break time, to be pretty low, like lvl 2 ? he also shows no icon in the wheel, just a square with the word thrall in it

I found 2 fighters (male) and 2 archers (male and female)
BTW, i have screenshots i believe if you need…

The adepts and their master look pretty weak ( and i had guessed they were not designed to be captured since you can talk with the master so i left the poor guys in peace :smiley: ), so i didn’t bother capturing them and i’m glad you confirmed they have a low lvl, so i didn’t waste my time on them -:slight_smile:

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thx alot , thats good to know. a location would be nice. i ran around the whole vulcano and did find also a named taskmaster at the dwell of skelos, but well no named archer or fighter. just got back from the wheel and yeah the master of cerimony is weak af :smiley: he has bloody stone daggers :smiley: i suppose he s lvl 1

@Grunt , feel free to contribute to the Wiki (eg. Add thralls to the list and add pages for the named thralls):

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This one may be called “anos the prey stalker” or sthing in english not far from the obelisk wherethere are a lot of stairs but there are other spawnpoints since i found an other one at a different spot i believe.

“daigas the sharp” i guess? pretty close to the 2 alchemists

wait, i look if i have screenshots of the others…

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good idea but i’m not good at creating pages…will try to check how it works though…

Nope could not find the girl archer and the other fighter guy in my pict.
Anyway she’s called “sthing the traveller” i think and i forgot the name of the guy, can check tomorow though…
the girl is the cutest named archer of the game BTW ( in my opinion, but you have to ignore their “eyes sickness” :smiley: untill devs decide to fix it for almost all named thralls).
They can all spawn at the same spot as the others previously mentioned and showed, but there is not only one spot apparently (for the archers at least)
Enjoy !

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thx alot for all the info, thats very kind, i was mainly looking at the spot where you found anos, but there was no thrall the last 3 days i went there, i also am not able to talk to the master of cerimony, thats why i think, that some thralls/content are missing on xbox and will hopefully get added with the coming parity patch. eyes sickeness got me good lol. yeah they all look derpy. well time for more walks into the vulcano :slight_smile:

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look i just found my third “Vais the traveller” this morning, i thought i should post a screen…exact location is following soon.

i’ll keep you updated if i find the other guy again but here is a shot of him (“Spinas the prawler” i guess), once he is enslaved:

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