I Found EIGHT Tier 4 Named Thralls in One Run

I Found 8 Tier 4 named thralls in one run through of The Black Galleon just now…watch the clip!


1 is fix (the Captain) and only 1 is good, the blacksmith…

Many garbage fighters even have fix spawns. N’batu or Thugra for example.

Also had that several times, that 2 Baggi spawned next to each other. Never 8 tough.

Oh i know they were all trash but the only fixed spawn was the captain, the others were random chance! There was also a set arch priest there too not pictured! Point is this is WAYYYY too many at one time!

sometimes gods smile upon mortals


In the last purge we had (we play on the same server since july 2018 so we had more than 60 purges, never found more than 1 unique thrall) we found 7 named purge-only thralls :star_struck:

One, an archer, is dead :slightly_frowning_face: but we was able to capture: Brewer Mavelle, Moryn, Dye-master, Annan of the Lost Tribe, Aphria the Growling, Master Tanner Nareen and Augurer Dewain.

Gods bless Cimmerian beast-tamers purges…. in the volcano :laughing::laughing::laughing::hot_face::hot_face::hot_face:

Truly, seing mammoths and a white dragon comed to destroy your little 2x6 bridge on a lava river is priceless :heart_eyes:

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You just got lucky. Their spawn chances are incredibly small as it is.

It’s the opposite of the ‘x no longer spawns’ threads we see quite often.

yeh that’s why i like it x)

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