Tier 4 Thrall Report - A Dev Kit Data Table Analysis

For those unaware, every major patch I get the fun duty of going through the entire spawn data tables for Tier 4 Thralls in order to make sure my Tier 4 Thrall Mods (to increase the chances of them spawning) are in good order. Once I complete my analysis of the data table and do some in-game tests, I am able to conclude what Thralls are or are not working, what it takes to fix them, or what Thralls are in the admin panel but simply do not have a spawn point (yet). Whenever I complete my testing, I, or others who also analyze these data tables, send them off to Funcom so they know our findings. Which in this case, I have done so already.

Because the pets patch in particular had some valuable Thralls go MIA (mainly the Tier 4 Alchemist spawns), I thought I would make a quick post as to what’s changed since the patch on 12-10-18.

  • As of the latest patch, only 1 existing Thrall type who was able to be spawned before no longer does so. That Thrall is the Black Hand Pirate Archer. My conclusion with this one is that no data table magic will fix this one as the actual spawn itself seems to have been altered or disabled for it. This particular Thrall type has several known spawn points and those spawn points, among extensive searching of the surrounding various areas, reveals this Thrall to be MIA as of the patch on 12-10-18.

  • Other then the Black Hand Pirate Archer, all Thralls that had a spawn point before and were broken, are now in tip top shape.

    • So yes, that means all the Alchemist spawns that weren’t working before, are working again now.

    • Yes, the Votaries spawns that weren’t working before, now all work again.

    • Many other Tier 4 thrall spawns that were broken via the data tables are now all fixed. Rejoice!

  • The following Thrall types can be spawned via admin, but do not have their own spawn points

    • Exile Taskmaster

    • Forgotten Tribe Archer

    • Heirs to the North Berserker

    • Lemurian Alchemist

    • Votaries Armorer

    • Votaries Carpenter

    • Votaries Entertainer

    • Votaries Smelter

It should be added that it is possible that the Thralls whose spawns I was unable to locate via extensive scouting could simply be in an area I am not aware of. Their actual data table entry’s work as is when I throw them into a shared spawn of another Thrall. Alright, that’s all I got, have a good one peeps. Happy hunting and all that.


Thank you Multigun for sharing your findings.

One of the frustrating things is trying to rare-spawn thralls and then to find out after hours of hunting that there is a mistake in the code and they do not spawn at all. @Ignasis It would be very good if someone from Funcom could check upon the Thralls that Multigun and others report as available via Admin spawn but so far located in game do infact spawn somewhere and at a reasonable % chance of spawn … Funcom does not have to say where …that’s the part of our exploration …but just confirm there is no bug and communicate this.

It would also be appreciated if this testing would be extended to the methodical and detailed data mining/ bug reporting that SirBowen has been doing regarding Named Thralls and what they can / CAN NOT craft … again frustrating for the players to hunt down a named thrall of a particular faction / race as they believe the thrall will craft the flawless version for them only to find they do not.

Are you sure about the t4 Alchemist spawns. My groups been looking for the last 4 days and haven’t seen a single t4 alch spawn. Other groups are reporting the same thing.

1000% positive. I wouldn’t have made this post otherwise. If you don’t believe me, you can launch single player and tweak the respawn rate to be almost instant. Or you could download my 100% guarantee mod.

I’ve gotten 2 of the volcano alchemist (Sayd Secretkeeper) on my official PvE, and another player has gotten 3. Also managed to snag volcano T4 blacksmith (Secas the Smith), and archer (Anos Preyfinder). So it does seem like these are working properly, at least in the volcano.

Now if only I could ever find a T4 in Sepermeru, I have yet to see one spawn there on the server I’m on now…

There isn’t a T4 alchemist to spawn at Sepermeru. Like, it doesn’t exist, T3 is as highest as it goes.

Fair, but I didn’t say I was looking for an alchemist there. I’m stating that I have yet to encounter a T4 crafter of ANY type there, even after making dozens of circuits on their spawns.

You could get a defari medicine man.

Has anyone seen an unnamed performer spawn at the volcano? I have seen it spawn at least 3 times, and when I say ‘unnamed’, I mean it literally has no name attached to it. When I knock it out and hover my cursor over it, it says ‘Waiting for data’. When I put it on my wheel, its icon turns into a bag. When I take it off my wheel, it disappears from my inventory. It’s been spawning where Sayd Secretkeeper the alchemist will randomly spawn.

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I can confirm the unnamed white-haired naked performer, I have seen him several times next to a lemurian cook.

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Couple questions for you both,

  1. Is this with or without my mod. Just need to know so I know what I’m testing for. If not my mods, are you using any mods?

  2. Can you post any map coordinates so I know exactly where to look? To get map coordinates, use CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + L -> then ctrl + c to get the map coordinates.

Without mod. I’ll get you the map coordinates in a bit.


I posted about this and posted a pic in the PS4 forum. Its just around from the teleporter headed towards Vathis, but its that first right before you get to the Devotees. Once in there, that first group of two thralls, one of which is a Lemurian cook. I posted a pic of him. I still have his unammed bag in my cupboard. He turns into one just like mentioned above. Since I posted pic, though, its been an alchemist, so I am not sure if they fixed it.

So it’s something that shares the alchemist spawn point. Well, wish me luck, I’m going to try and find it on the map itself in the dev kit because the data tables aren’t telling me enough information. Only take me about 15 billion years to load it up though :stuck_out_tongue: Oh and I have no idea how to look at the actual spawn points other then that they are somewhere on the map. Fun fun.

Alrighty, its the Votaries Darfari Alchemist II Female, specifically, that causes this issue. The game tries to spawn that specific Thrall, and when it can’t find that specific Thrall given, it spawns a generic NPC. Boy oh boy did I just get a lesson in how all this stuff freaken works hunting down this bug. I figured out the fix too. Thanks for the bug report! I’ll submit it to Funcom.


Hey everybody,

We’re aware of some of these issues and our amazing team has been working on them. Some of them have already been fixed internally (eg. the Votaries, the Taskmaster and the Lemurian Alchemist). For the rest of them that are causing issues, I’ve shared @Multigun 's fidings with our team and they’re currently aware of them. So thanks again for all the feedback :slight_smile:



TeleportPlayer -945.644775 -205074.328125 44832.652344

…“and our amazing team has been”…

please tell your amazing team there are other issues that are currently not implemented (scavenger for PVE,purges among other things)

having those fixed will be AMAZING indeed.

Happy monday!.

Thanks, I will! Along with your amazing feedback!


Just wondering if the tier 4 armorer thralls on the Black Hand Pirate Ship are spawning as intended? The 'ol interweb says that two of them spawn on the ship but my clan and I have hit this thing about 40 times in the last week and we’re not finding tier 4 armorers. We’ve found other named ones but not the armorers.

Xbox Official PVE Conflict <— Not sure if that’s useful?