[Spoiler] Instead of breaking thralls, could we pay them to join us?

So as most everyone knows on Testlive, Sepermaru - City of the Relic Hunters is now a neutral city where you can walk in and the thralls won’t attack you and there are some NPC’s who you can trade coins for goods.

This had me thinking because that area around the city is one of my favorites to build a base in (and it looks even nicer now, new color of water and stuff), but now that the city is neutral it feels wrong to go in their and beat up thralls and drag them away in the night when they are no threat anymore and the city is friendly. My suggestion is to add a merchant thrall or a slaver thrall that is friendly who we can trade coins for thralls. Possibly make a menu or list of options for artisan thralls and such and a coin amount we can pay.

This would make it so we can remain friendly with the city’s inhabitants by not taking their best sword-maker in the night and allow us to keep using the city’s amenities. I think this has been brought up before a while ago but I can’t remember where or if they said anything about this. I’m sure when they talked about the settlement system this came up.


FC guys mentioned during the last stream that we will be able to buy thralls from “slaver” NPC, 1 should be located in north-west wheel of pain in the city. So far this should work like “abandoned storage auction” where you pay what ever price form “unidentified” thrall and after you own it you will know what it is and of what “quality”. This is OK, but i would LOVE to see more stuff like this as already mentioned in different post (you dont beat the human to make work for you, but you can buy them, allied with them… what ever kind of nonviolent way)

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Actually they said they hoped that this could be included and they were waiting on approval.
I’m guessing form distribution companies.

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Ah sweet, even if they are unidentified that’s still better than beating them up and pretending like it wasn’t you lol. Yeah if we could go more in-depth and have thralls ally with us and stuff that would be cool. If they ever get AI to be more sophisticated it would be neat to see more NPC’s be neutral rather than just attack outright unless it was a specific condition (you were hostile before to their group or if they were a raiding party from the purge event or something). That way you could just offer them something and they follow you around or work for you.

Of course the option to attack them first is always there and then they would fight back but it wouldn’t be the first thing they do most of the time.

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Interesting… paying a Slaver NPC for a domesticated Thrall could work. And keeping the option for a player to go out, capture, and domesticate one himself is working, too. I would suggest a third option, though it may seem to fit the violent category (depending on how its done): players could ‘rescue’ an enslaved Thrall in exchange for potential service. For example, a player may sneak into town, past the slaver’s guards, and free slaves (maybe 10% would ‘serve’ their rescuer rather than run off ‘back home’). That would be the non-violent approach (stealth and lockpicking/lock breaking). Or a player may boldly stroll into town, cutting down the slaver’s guards, and free slaves (maybe again, 10% would ‘serve’ their rescuer rather than run off ‘back home’). In this scenario, the ‘rescue’ option may or may not employ violence. It also keeps the player from “participating” in slave trade (as the Thrall that willing joins up is doing so voluntarily rather than by compulsory servitude). Keeping in the tradition of Conan, I believe ‘rescue’ is more true to the lore of the Conan character.

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