Neutral city not so neutral

Made the trip there with a buddy today. as we entered from the north there was a group of NPCs around a campfire, and all 6 or so attacked us. after killing them we went further in the city and the rest was neutral and not hostile. but that one big group really doesn’t like people lol. is that a bug or do you want ruffians in the city.


Makes sense to me. Try going to the wrong part of any town and see what happens. lol


It happens to mi too. Is the place with the pain wheel. I think that should be the place to buy slaves so maybe that’s bugged. But I could be wrong.

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How do you get to the neutral city? Is it west (sepermeru) or is it somewhere else? I’m on XB1.

I believe the neutral city they’re speaking of is Sepermeru. I remember being attacked there as well, wouldn’t surprise me if it’s the exact same spot. I just took it as being in the wrong part of town. lol

If I head west, there is a green wall barrier on the outskirts. How do I get to it?

It all depends on where you’re coming from. If you’re on the most southern areas of the map and heading west, just keep following the green barrier north. Eventually it’ll let you head further west, and if you keep following the barrier you’ll come across Sepermeru.

The only areas that you can’t access(that I know of) are the swamp and volcano. Things that have always been in the game should still be available(minus religious items).

At first there were only two spots in Sepermeru where the NPCs weren’t so friendly, and it was the only spots where they added the new carrier thralls. But lately there’s a small group of crafters near the northeast entrance (near Ironbreaker Ridge and Kael’s Stronghold) that will aggro on me when I approach. They give up the chase really quickly though so I just give them a decent berth when stopping by the temple district.

yeah i approached from the north. and the first group inside the walls attacked, but no one else in the entire city did.

Currently, it seems Sepermeru is a neutral city(set city), however there are NPCs in a camp inside the city who attacks you when you approach them. (the camp that is right next to where Conan, Merchants, and t3 dancers live)

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I found my way into town because My friend said I could get some thralls here. Question is… If I knock out someone. Will I be attacked for dragging them through town? And will it make the city no longer neutral to me?

Why don’t you go and try that by yourself?
i guess many of us have wondered that too and i guess all of us just went for it and found out…

Oh I did… I was just wondering if they were supposed to be that way or not… Sort of like a hidden faction system.

Like you can gain, and lose emnity over time through your actions.

I took a short route out of the city so I didn’t get attacked. And nothing happened when I went back…

But I was thinking there may be a hidden emnity system. Or rather that would be cool. Also I would love to be able to sell thralls LOL

Heck man I was Solo mode finally discover Sepermeru. got rid of ruffians as i wen’t in all inner city Gank me had to run & got away but they just wanted me dead. Ha anyways not really care since is just fun b able out run so many.

I’m glad to hear it…:smile:
So about your interrogation then, after having captured dozens of NPCS in Sepemeru, i can say that only the group close to the guy you are trying to capture will become hostile. You can do the same run 20 min later and they will all be ignoring your char again untill you start a new “aggression” , or if you run into one of the 2 well known aggressive groups of the city.
So we can say they don’t keep any anger caused by your previous deeds and they don’t seem to be scripted to do so.

You can knock out and drag thralls in Set city without being attacked, or having the city go permanently hostile to you. Any NPC in the vicinity of the fight will come help the NPC you are attacking, but once it is knocked out, on a lasso, and being dragged, NPCs that are naturally neutral to you will remain so. If you wander too close to the dancer area, or the Taskmaster area, that’s a whole different story. I tested it yesterday. I ran all through the city murdering every NPC I could, and stayed neutral as long as I wasn’t currently in combat. I have dragged more than one archer thrall or crafter thrall through the city since it went neutral, and it’s a piece of cake. I even tried smacking Conan around a little, but he must have Vitality 100 and Armor factor of 2000, because he just gave me the stank eye and laughed at me.

Well I just thought it was an interesting idea. Take too many thralls too fast, and get put on a wheel of Pain yourself for a while. lol

If they can knock you out.