How do you access areas that are close to a green wall?

Are there any areas that are not accessible right this moment (not talking about the Volcano stuff)? I would like to travel to Sepemeru and I see the green wall of death in that westward direction.

Is there a SPECIFIC path that I need to take to reach the accessible lands? I’m lvl 60 as well.

Mouse over your map and note when the screen gets dim. That area is outside the play area/beyond the wall. You can use that as a guide to plan your route. I presume you are approaching the city from the south. The southwestern section of the map is not a corner, but more of an inverted “L”. You’ll need to travel along that and pay mind to where the wall markers are. Once past that bit you just walk north right into the city.

Ok. I’m on XB1. Do the same suggestions apply?

That I could not tell you, unfortunately, as I have not experienced their interface. If there is a way to “mouseover” an area on the map for XB1, like to add custom markers, try moving it to the bottom-left of the map and drag up and see if your screen changes at all. Wish I had a better answer.

Alright, here is a very, VERY rough line of where the deathwall is, using the PC map. Stay on the safe side of it, and if you disintegrate I deny any liabiliy:


Good luck, and watch out for the corruption from the Unnamed City as you need to skirt fairly close to its southern wall. :crossed_swords:


Hey thanks Velius. I really appreciate your time and help!

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Also, be aware there are scorpions in the area that you will be traveling through.

That’s a nice map, I don’t care if it is rough, I still appreciate it!

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