Need some help folks

Hello fellow Exiles. I been playing around with ideas on Exiles for city building for some time, and decided id like to try a idea of a fortress city. What I need from you folks is suggestions of big sorta flat areas of land I could build at that is also up against a cliff side to incorporate a natural wall look, like it was built out of the mountain side, or something like that.

Where would be some good places to look for this, if any even exist?

Thanks in advance folks, Happy building!!!

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I know one in the Desert, near the Tower of Bats.

The dot is where I’m talking about, but it’s near NPC territory so might want to be wary of building restrictions. I’m sure there’s others in the game, but I don’t know of others. Is this good?

Hmm that does look interesting, i will check that area out, thank you :slight_smile:

Anyone else know of possible spots?

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u can find a great flat spot like the one u like right outside UC at C6,
at H7 towards Black Galeon (carefull not to despawn the dead trees pools - as they r great bark source), d10 near crevice many similar spots, at b12 on left side of the block a spot with an elevated cliff for the castle in the lower part and a spot at the frozn biome right above it), the whole island at j6 and the opposing beach towards the witch queen bay could also do the job (carefull not to despawn the rottenbranch there)and the M5 and N5 lower parts, and also the upper part of the river leading to bucaneer bay (starting after bay of hulks) also have similar geography…
so give em a try, and decide depending on the biome u love

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Whew thats a few spots to check out for sure lol Thank you so much, im gonna check them out and hopefully soon start the long process of a cliff side fortress city.

Thank you Ragnaguard for your suggestions :slight_smile:


nps buddy, let me know below if u liked any of the spots r proposed here (not only by me :wink: )

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In B7, between Relicwatcher rise and Iron Breaker ridge, north of Sepermeru. You can build the fortress on Iron Breaker Ridge and the city downward.
But my personal choice would be the Oasis of Nekhet. Building the city around the 3 small lakes and the Fortress upon Relicwatcher Rise.

hmmm never throught about using the oasis, that might be a amazing spot right there.

Thank you, thank you everyone for the amazing ideas. Gonna open this up now to all the biomes of the map, even if its smack dab against the volcano i wanna know its location! :slight_smile:

On the other side of unnamed city from the spot in that map, there’s some fairly flat area, looks like a dry lake bed.
Map square is C7, it’s the nearly white area near the unnamed city.

That is exactly where I built my town. Here’s a screenshot that shows how much stuff you can fit into that space:

And when that space runs out, you can start building upwards onto those cliffs.

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One of my favorite areas to build is northwest of Unnamed City, between it and Sepermeru:

However, I don’t know if it’ll accommodate a proper city. I think the best spot for a big city might be the green area south of New Asagarth, close to the border with the desert biome:

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