Build your "castle" somewhere else

So me n my bf playing on pve, on our way to kill something near sinkhole.
Some unique intellectual build a shack on top of it with a wall stretch all around it in a square. Seasoned with various types of tamed animals and a spoon-full of thralls to protect from purges.

Upon further inspection of his fortifications, I can see that the place has been hit by purge before as his main entrance is looking a bit shabby. I know it will decay and eventually all his well fed pets will die out too.

But can we stop with the “oh lets build on top of that, that’s gonna be awesome” thing. You can’t build and neither can u upgrade the tier of your great wall of china. You gonna leave the game anyway. You think what u did there is cool and awesome, its not. It’s a disappointment.

Bonus point: That guy who builds a home in the wall gap between desert and north, in an attempt to block passage. Yeah, have fun running back and forth for the resources big brains.

PvE problems.

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We also had such problems… some people build walls around us at really every direction.

Yesterday I logged in and everything was gone… you just need to wait a little. They will get bored and leave…

Our pve c server has a highway system… from a clan of 7 or 8, extremely active er0tic role players.

I wish they’d leave the server.

If they leave the game it will decay anyway, so problem solved. It’s more of an issue when they stay.

I think the main issue is that people can’t put a mini-obelisk in their own base.

When people catch a thrall or get done farming on the other side of the map, they don’t want to try to run all the way back, they want to fast travel. The only place you can travel to is an obelisk, so why not just put a castle there and be done with it, right?

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People on the PVE and PVE-C servers that think they are doing other people favors by building bridges and highways need to realize it just takes away from the immersion and game play. I don’t need help crossing a river/chasm and I don’t want to see the Brooklyn Bridge near my base. Take your public works projects somewhere else please.


u do not have to use em u know.

it may takes from game for u, but for someone that uses the place all the time maybe going down and then reclimbing up a canyon is not that appealing… so a bridge is his short solution. the point in pve is not to block the way for others… the fact that u may use a maproom or a bridge is tottally up to u


I love those things, especially when it stops other clans from just maliciously walling things off instead.


Im not referring to the people that actually have bases near these structures they build, I am talking about the do-gooders who wander the map building infrastructure for no apparent reason other than to “help” other people.

We don’t have that issue anymore on my server, as soon as someone starts the wall building crap, we band together and wall them in. Most of us that have been on this server for over a year also have outposts and towers to keep from being walled in.

I personally always build my bases with one edge along a no build zone so it is impossible to wall in any of my bases. Pro tip -

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