Best spot to build very large castle/fort

So, I am looking for the best spot to build a very large castle or fort or walled town. I want it big enough to be able to fit in the map room and a vault. The taming area and wheels of pain can either be in or outside of the location. I would also like the spot to be relatively flat if at all possible.

Any suggestions?

Honestly, I don’t know the difference. I play on a PS4 with one friend. The two of us are a clan, but no other players are involved. So the map is wide open.

The difference is that in PvE you’re looking for a large area with some nice natural features you can incorporate into your build, easily accessible resources and perhaps a nice view of the surrounding landscape.

In PvP, you’re building a cube on top of a thin rock pillar or tree or something.

Since it’s just the two of you and you’re in the same clan, you’re PvE.

As far as your building itself is concerned, this will probably help you out.


there are lots of flat spots around Unnamed City and it is basically centrally located

Greetings! My recommendation: anywhere close water, iron and a town/city where you can capture thralls for your army.
Don’t spend much time on animals, maybe rocknoses for gold and silver, but you can’t heal animals like you can heal thralls.
Building close to any obelisk will help you save time for your travels.
And, one of the most important things to consider, try to build it with a mountain or anything natural as one of your walls: you’ll have less space open for purges.
Once I built a pyramid in the middle of the desert, purge bot me from EVERY flank and didn’t have time/thralls/pets to fight it back.

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wall palisades

Do they actually work? I had some, but not ALL over my pyramid’s wall.


yes they work but like everything else, use foundations to increase decay timer

now the archers and the expectation that they actually protect from a purge…


At 0:40 you can see one of the spots where purge mobs destroyed a palisade and then the foundations behind it:

Maybe purges are smarter now :upside_down_face:

oh no, they are only meant to delay really. I think basically ANY structure, they will attack. I haven’t seen how to channel them really other than land selection. Considering the bugginess of purges spawning in mountains, questionable how much you want to include terrain.

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There’s some VERY flat space near the Sepermeru obelisk (not too far from Klael’s stronghold, if you know the place). Just south of Sep City. That’s where I’ve built my main dwelling (well… started to build, I seem to never get around to finishing it…).

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Whatever spot you pick, by late game you’ll appreciate having it close to an obelisk so that you can get back home quickly. Since you’re not sharing a server with other clans, I’d say building near to the Sinkhole or Sepermeru obelisks would probably be the most convenient.

At Sinkhole (H6), there is a pathway leading down to a river just to the north, while at Sepermeru, you could build just to the west at the oasis (B8). Both locations have lots of rock and iron nearby, and at Sepermeru you’re also a short run from the brimstone lake. Both locations have plenty of flat space around where I’ve seen lots of large fortresses.


Klael’s is a no build zone now

I know, I was talking about near Klael’s stronghold, in case they weren’t sure what I meant by “Sepermeru obelisk” (since it doesn’t have a map pointer of its own). I guess that wasn’t too clear, I’ll edit.

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yeah I get it, always fun when new people try describing that ob. Others seem so obvious, sinkhole, south jungle, north jungle, UC, dregs, mounds, uhmmm set ob/ brim ob/ salt lakes/ klaels…long list.

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cough You might have given me an idea… :laughing:


There’s a decent-sized flat area just north of Sepermeru, too, between the city and Relicwatcher Rise. That’s where I built my city. As a bonus for defending against Purges (not helpful against other players, though) is the fact that you can have natural cliffsides protect two sides of your base, or if you want a VERY big base you can just wall off the approaches (one ramp from the east, one from the west, one from the southwest, and a wide space to the south) to your base and leave the rest open. Like this:



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